The power clean is an olympic lift performed from the ground to the shoulder without a squat. The set up and initial pull is much like a deadlift, but when


Starting with a squat, drive the medicine ball up to a ten foot target and repeat! Remember to keep the chest and elbows up and descend to a below parallel

MOVEMENT DEMOS | Wall Extensions

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this movement! This is to address the common problem of forward or anterior biased shoulders. We are attempting to pull the shoulder back


To stretch the Psoas, that small muscle that runs from the top of the femur through the pelvis and attaches to the lumbar spine. We don’t want this muscle to

Classic Crossfit Moves | Quad Stretch Against The Wall Technique

Description A great stretch for those big movers, the Quads! There are a few variations without the wall for those with ankle flexibility problems. Enjoy!

MOVEMENT DEMOS | Hip Extension vs Back Extension

Performed on the GHD machine, it is important to note the differences between the Hip and Back Extensions. Note the names! In a Back Ext, only the back is extending,

Classic Crossfit Moves | Ambat Situps Technique

Description The Abmat offers us a full range of motion sit up. Anchoring your feet is optional, but generally allows the athlete to perform the movement faster. The standards are:

MOVEMENT DEMOS | Shoulder Press

We do a lot of total body movement in CrossFit because it produces a lot of power. The shoulder press is strictly the arms, so we cannot move as much

Classic Crossfit Moves | Squat Clean Technique

Description This is a classic CrossFit movement…lots of work done quickly. This movement is a compromise between a front squat and a press position. The best thrusters utilize the legs

New Crossfit Moves | Low Bar Back Squat Technique

Description 5 sets of 3 repetitions, go heavy! Focus on the bar positioning before you load up though