We continue our fundamental movements series with a challenging, yet fundamental movement, The Handstand Push up. Here, Diso shows you some great tips and ramp up exercises that will build

Foundational Movements | How To Climb The Peg Board

Description A somewhat new movement to CrossFit, the Peg Board, was introduced at the 2015 games. Here Diso shows you the basics of what you need to know to get

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Description The kipping pull up is a movement that CrossFit is infamous for. It allows you to output a huge amount of power by incorporating your hips into the pull

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Foundational Movements | How To Improve The Push Up

Description Diso demonstrates drills to improve your push-ups, quite possibly the most famous and classic foundational movement of them all. Learning to do the push up properly will improve all

Foundational Movements | How To Improve The Pull Up

Description Diso demonstrates three drills that are designed to improve your strict pull-up. Pull- are a classic upper body movement and performed correctly, they can be a great foundational movement

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Description Diso demonstrates a valuable technique to improve your squats. Wall squats can help you build strength and gain better mobility to get into a deeper position. The squat is

Classic Crossfit Moves | Box Squat Technique

Description This is a demonstration of a squat variation called a “box squat.” The reason for this movement is to get you to load the glutes and hamstrings when you