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Beyond Macros CrossFit Nutrition Coaching in Los Angeles

Beyond Macros is a nutrition coaching company designed for CrossFitters who want to get leaner, stronger, and overcome plateaus.

You expect a lot out of your CrossFit coaches, and we believe that you should get just as much personal attention from a nutrition coach. Think about your favorite coach at Paradiso CrossFit. They know you, they know how you move, and they are invested in your improvement. It’s a great relationship.

Beyond Macros coaches get to know you, your daily habits, and obstacles so that they can give you some of the most personalized and targeted CrossFit nutrition coaching in Los Angeles. They will help you make the sustainable nutritional changes to reach your fitness goals.

Unlike other nutrition coaching companies that use generic templates send you an FAQ document and an email address to send questions to, you actually get to meet your Beyond Macros coach, have face-to-face meetings, and they will check in with you to provide actionable feedback every week.

  • A knowledgeable coach who you can trust to provide you the exact nutrient targets you need to lean out or crush a local competition.
  • Someone to help you identify the highest-impact habit changes that will put you on the path to your goals.
  • A coach to help you troubleshoot the obstacles that arise such as travel, work deadlines, and even a plateau when you’re doing everything right.
  • Someone who will reach out to you weekly to keep you accountable, and who you can reach out to if you’re losing motivation or have questions.

If you’re ready to start Beyond Marcos’ CrossFit nutrition coaching in Los Angeles, you can schedule a free introductory consult with Matt Walrath, head coach at Beyond Macros, below. You can also check out the free nutrition resources at the bottom of the page, and go to to sign up for the free "Intro to Macro Counting" mini course.

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Paradiso CrossFit Member Success with Beyond Macros

When I started doing CrossFit three years ago, I thought I was finally going to get the better of my family history of easy weight gain -- I had visions of myself as one of those shredded hulks you see at the gym.  After two years, I had certainly leaned out, but despite a concerted training regimen and what I thought was generally healthy eating, I still wasn't at the target weight, fitness, or physique I wanted.

It was frustrating: I was doing a lot of work but not get the desired result. That's when I started working with Matt, and that's when everything changed. He helped me get conscious of what I was actually eating, gave me guidance on what to eat that was both specific and easy to follow, and helped me practically integrate excellent nutrition into a busy life.

He also grounded his reasoning in deep research and explained the underlying nutritional science, all of which helped me get with the program.

Over eight months I lost over twenty pounds and nearly 5% body fat. And in the several months since, I've kept it off with little effort -- which I attribute to the fact that Matt helped me not simply lose weight and get more fit: he helped me change my fundamental thinking and habits around eating, and those have stuck.

In short, he helped me improve my life, and I'll always be grateful to him.

-Dan Wilner

For 13 grueling weeks, Matt has helped me with my nutritional goals. I have been meticulous with measuring my food and understanding the quality of food I have put into my body. I fell great, I've lost over 15lbs, and I've never been stronger. Unlike other "popular" sites, Beyond Macros individually programs for your needs.

-Joshy G

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