Return of the PCF blog

A few weeks ago I announced that I would be taking a break from the weekly emails, but that this was only a transition.  I am excited to begin sharing

Let the Fitness Begin!

Monday, June 23, 2014 Weekly Programming Links:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club, Paradiso Gymnastics Today is the first day of our new Fitness and Advanced leveled programming!  The prehab, group


Weekly Programming:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club Try out our new Mobile App for any phone:  You can both reserve and check-in, as well as track important strength and

Day 2

Make sure to check the schedule for today and tomorrow!!!  There are limited hours and only open gym times available due to the CrossFit Games! Saturday, July 26, 2013 Warmup/Prehab:

The Countdown

Weekly Programming Links:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club This week will be a special week with the CrossFit Games in town. There will be many visiting teams and athletes from

CrossFit is Ultimate Frisbee

Weekly Programming Links:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club Click on the Specialty Class Link to sign up for Ultimate Frisbee on Wednesday afternoon!  Read below if you need convincing.  

The Continual Experiment

Weekly Programming Links:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club This week we will be starting something new called the Smolov Squat Cycle.   This is intended for anyone interested in getting

Competition anyone?

Saturday, February 16, 2013 Mobility/ Warmup: DROM Groiners 10 Bridges 15 Jumping Squats Group Warmup: Junkyard Dog Team Conditioning: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre WOD 1 – “Roses Are Red,

Getting Busy

Monday, November 5, 2012 Click HERE for the weekly Programming!  HERE for On Ramp! Mobility: Thoracic Spine (keg drill or t-spine smash), 2 minutes Ankle Mobility, 2 minutes Hips (assisted

The Leadership Code

Thursday, November 11, 2012 Full CrossFit 201 Nutrition Talk during all On Ramp classes today!  All members are welcome to attend! First 15 minutes of class will be a nutrition