Competition anyone?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mobility/ Warmup:

10 Bridges
15 Jumping Squats

Group Warmup:

Junkyard Dog

Team Conditioning:

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre WOD 1 – “Roses Are Red, My Lips Are Blue”

2000m row
Non-rowing partner is doing AMRAP box jumps (30”/24”/20”)

Notes:  Partners must alternate every 500m, and the damper will be set at 1.  The score is row time and total box jumps completed.

Midline Strength:

2 rounds of :
40 Abmat Sit ups
5 Bridge Wall Walks

Emmet hits a 210# Snatch for a PR and a first place finish at our 1st Venice Barbell Club Meet!

Did I hear you say competition? I’m IN! When I heard of the ‘Everything is Everything Challenge’, I immediately got excited bc nutrition is always something that interests me and I knew I was going to witness some pretty amazing transformations. Albeit Instagram pictures or FB updates, I never can get enough of knowing what others are doing to achieve optimal lifestyle performance. I’m a sucker for any seminar, class, or conference in which I can learn more about healthy eating, cooking tips, or even nutrition as a whole in general.

This brings me to the event that was held at Paradiso Crossfit in Venice. David Paradiso was holding a Nutrition Seminar and I knew I was going to go, being that it would be my first ever opportunity to sit in on one of these ever famous talks I’ve been hearing about! I knew this Seminar was going to be really informative and I decided to bring 2 people I felt would learn a lot from the talk and be able to incorporate it into their lives.

I want to share the effect of how this Nutrition talk had on one of my friends. I’ve always made it part of my training regimen for my clients to have an open mind and be flexible to change because you never know where this positive attitude can take you. My friend came along with an open mind to hear what David had to say and in no way had plans on doing any type of Paleo eating. At the time we went, she was just getting into cleaning up her diet and going H.A.M. on her workout routine. After hearing the talk, she had decided to give the Paleo way of eating a try. Apparently February was going to be the month she would go “Paleo”because it’s the shortest month of the year. Even before the talk, she actually had started to cut out dairy, sugar, and some bad starches. She just was waiting till Feb 1stto make the Full commitment.

Jumping a week ahead, she made a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on lots of produce, meats, spices, and oils to fully transform her pantry into something suitable for Paleo cooking. I even gave her my Paleo cookbook to borrow to seek out some recipes. She had thrown out all non-Paleo food from her kitchen, and was now prepared for success. Two weeks prior, she had already started a food journal to keep track of exactly what she was putting her body whether it would be good or bad–this was a decision she had come to based on some inspiration from the Seminar.

David had shared how going “Paleo” directly affected others and changed their lives for the better not only for weight loss, but to correct other symptoms such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the balance of insulin.

Presently, it has been 4 weeks since my friend began making changes to her diet. In the two weeks prior to the ‘official’ start of the challenge, she had lost 15lbs. It would be an understatement to say that I am extremely excited for her and even more ecstatic to see her progress over the upcoming weeks. Deciding to take that first step towards making a lifestyle change and taking on a challenge can be daunting.   But at the same time, life is too short and really why make excuses? That is the exact thing that Crossfit is all about.

So why not jump onboard and see where the next 90 days takes you?

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