Saturday, April 9, 2016

The new semester of PCF University begins next week! If the Open exposed your weaknesses, now is the time to address them. Check out the rowing, snatching, and kipping classes and start getting ready to crush next year!

Team Paradiso CrossFit Venice has qualified for the California Super Regional May 13-15. You can purchase tickets HERE.

We are holding a USAW sanctioned meet, the VBC Summer Classic, on Saturday May 7th. You can REGISTER HERE.

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PCF University Rowing starts next week. Sign up now!


10 Wall extensions (with pvc pipe see video
15 Scapular Pushups
Push Up Plank hold 1min
Banded hip stretch


Find your team of 3:
Athlete 1: Run 100
Athlete 2: Air squats
Athlete 3: Thrusters with empty barbell
When Athlete 1 gets back… rotate, everybody goes through 1 time


Spend twenty minutes working up to a 5RM thruster


In teams of three, perform 3 rounds each for time of:
Row 800/650 Meters
25 Wall Balls
20 Toes to Bar

Notes: Teammates roll through this in conga line-fashion, jumping onto the Concept 2 erg as soon as the teammate in front of them is off and has the wall balls. The rest while your partners are rowing their second and third rounds is built in rest so do each round as fast as possible.
L1: 10/8, V-ups
L2: 14/10, Knee raises
Rx: 20/14
Rx+: 30/20

Cool Down

Stretch Lats with band
Stretch Shoulders
Stretch Hamstrings with band (lay on back, loop one foot in band other leg lays flat, :45sec each side)

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