PCF University- Snatch

6 Week Olympic Lifting Snatch Class
  • Saturdays at Noon in Marina Del Rey with Venice Barbell Club Coach Josh Squyres
  • Register HERE for the class or email us at mail@paradisocrossfit.com with questions
  • Cost is $75

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PCF University classes are 6-week specialty classes designed by our expert coaches to help you improve one specific area of health and fitness through an immersive experience. Classes are held once per week and include “homework” that you can do outside of class to rapidly improve in a specific area of focus.

This course will systematically break down the phases and variations of the snatch so that you can make improvements in the movement as a whole.

Joanne Pope, a former student of Josh’s class and current VBC member shares her experience:

“I’m new to the sport of Weight Lifting and wanted to take the class to improve my technique. The class was great. There was a good mix of technical and hands on application. There were diagrams and videos that were easy to understand and then we had a chance to practice and try to incorporate what was just learned. Josh is really great at reinforcing excellent technique in a quite and gentle manner. Since taking the class and many VBC sessions later I won a Silver medal at my last meet!. I’m a fan :)”

Coach Josh Squyres is the head coach and programmer for Venice Barbell Club. He is a 2-time Olympic Trials qualifier, and was the runner up in the 94kg weight class in 2008. He has studied with the top coaches in Bulgaria, Korea, and China which gives him a diverse understanding of the various weightlifting techniques.

Register HERE for the class or email us at mail@paradisocrossfit.com with questions

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