PCF University- Rowing

6 Week Rowing Class- “Rowing: Love it or Hate it, it’s Time to Master it!”
  • Wednesdays at 8:30pm in Marina Del Rey and Sundays at noon in Venice with Jay Dee Morgan (bio below)
  • Register HERE for the Wednesday class and HERE for the Sunday class or email us at mail@paradisocrossfit.com with questions
  • Cost is $99 for members and $149 for non-members

Rowing class for CrossFit in Venice, CA

Love it or hate it, its time to master it!

PCF University classes are immersive specialty classes designed to help you rapidly improve an area of your fitness that needs work outside of group class.

The PCF University Rowing class is guaranteed to improve your 500m, 1000m and 2000m row times.

By learning better rowing technique your performance in the rowing portions of WODs will improve as you increase your efficiency, pacing, and understanding of how to attack a workout!

Your professor, Jay Dee Morgan, was a former elite collegiate rower and is the coach of the national champion high school rowing program. He started Manna rowing to help CrossFit athletes improve rowing technique, and ran a clinic at Paradiso in January which got rave reviews. Below is a testimonial from Sam Abeger who attended the clinic:

“I rowed in Crossfit, but never really worked on technique. I knew the mechanics of the erg and figured out best practices, but always ended up wasting a ton of energy moving the rower around with each stroke. I wanted to stop moving the rower and wasting energy. I wanted my entire stroke to become smoother and more efficient.

Jay Dee’s clinic taught me the best practices in setting up the rower. I used to have the foot straps too high and the damper way too heavy. I learned to lower the straps to the last lace on the shoe and to change the damper to fit the workout.

Jay Dee was very helpful in answering 1-on-1 questions in the group setting and helping make sure everyone got attention and were helped. Learning how to row properly, the relevant “games” we played and JD’s teaching were all things that I really enjoyed about his clinic.

With better rowing, I’ve even noticed my deadlifts have been improved. After the clinic, I’ve been able to maintain better pacing on the rower, have stopped moving the rower around with each stroke and survived 16.4 — twice! I would highly recommend taking this course on rowing.

This PCFU course will be great because it will give more in-depth teaching over a longer period of time. It will allow athletes to learn more than just brief focus on the intricate technique.”

Register for the Wednesday session HERE, or Sunday session HERE.

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