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Wednesday 1/15/14


Foam Roll IT Band
Samson Stretch
Overhead Band Distraction
Scapula Push Ups

Warm Up

Jumping Jacks, 1 minute
2 Rounds:
10 Press
10 Good Mornings
10 Toes 2 Bar
10 Lunges


3 Rounds:
3 Strict Press + 5 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
10 Weighted Hip Extensions – heavy, rest 90 sec.


‘Rocky IV”
50 Toes to Bar 
50 meter Walking Lunge in Front Rack with Dbs (50/35)
50 Clapping Pushups
50 Ab mat Situps

-15 min cap-

Notes:  Substitute Tuck/V Ups for Toes to Bar.  Scale to normal Pushups as needed.  Situps are to be ‘butterfly’ style with the hands touching the floor in front of the feet.

Cool Down

Cobra Stretch, 1 minute
Couch Stretch, 1 minute each
German Stretch, 1 minute

For all those frequent travelers, here is an interesting bodyweight workout. 50 reps of this little complex. 

With the next challenge on the horizon I am starting to receive some great questions from members pertaining to what their goals should be and how to achieve them. Ideally, the chosen goal is one that can be achieved through both nutritional changes and time spent in the gym specifically targeting that goal. Given that the challenge is a brief six weeks, the nutrition alterations and targeted time in the box needs to be somewhat intense. This might call for more than the normal – eat less sugar and go to the gym three times a week. That could be all it takes but what I am getting at here is that every challenge participant has access to incredible resources that should allows them to truly achieve their goals – the Paradiso CrossFit staff of coaches!

Regular class is highly affective, but there is no more impactful method of training than 1-on-1 sessions with a coach. All of our coaches have a wealth of knowledge that can not always be displayed during class. When working individually with a member, coaches can determine specific weaknesses or spend an entire session drilling a movement toward mastery. The easiest example is always the Olympic lifts where an hour or so spent with a coach can completely change a member’s approach and confidence with these difficult movements. Another example is females doing gymnastics. A session with a coach can lead to an incremental program that can be followed to achieve pull ups and full range of motion push ups. While it may seem like personal training is an indulgence in an already niche gym experience, even one session can affect huge change and may be what is needed to reach those harder to achieve goals. 

The idea of 1-on-1 sessions goes beyond the training environment. The Challenge is rooted in nutrition and we have our own coaches for what is often the most difficult thing to change – what we eat. Lela, Matt, Jamie, and Brenda are all very well versed on the impact that food has on our bodies and how to best reach your performance goals through nutrition. There is now a link under Nutrition Resources on the left of the page for Personal Nutrition Services. Here you will find the pages for Lela, Matt, Jamie, and Brenda

I urge every member to consider a personal session with one of our nutrition coaches and/or one of our training coaches to maximize your performance, the achievement of your goals, and your overall quality of life. 

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