I’m Not Good At Gymnastics

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Thursday April 3, 2014


Reverse Snow Angels
Ankle Mobility w/ Band

Warm Up:

1 min jump rope practice
Then 2 Rounds:
10 Straddle Leg Lift
10 Arch Rocks
10 Hollow Rocks
5 Lat Activations

Gymnastics Strength:

4 Rounds or 15 minutes for Quality:

1 minute ME L-sit
1 minute ME chin over the bar hold
3 Skin the cats
1 minute ME triple unders

Notes:  Have fun with the triple unders!  May scale L sit to tuck or hanging L sit.  Use spotters for skin the cats.


AMRAP 20 minutes for QUALITY:

2 Rope climbs
15 Hand release push-ups
30 Tuck ups 

Notes:  Perform rope lowers if needed.

Cool Down:

Max Effort Hollow Ring Support

Smooth as butta’

I’ve noticed a dwindling in the number of people attending gymnastics day. I’ve also noticed that those who do attend are making HUGE improvements in their gymnastics capabilities right before my eyes. It’s inspirational. I want more people to experience this rapid improvement. I also want those who are improving rapidly to realize that, although you might think you are “not good at gymnastics” you are better than when you walked in which is applaudable.


So my first plea is, go to gymnastics day because it will give you the fundamentals necessary to do fun, advanced movements like the front uprise or a back flip. My second plea involves addressing excuses I have heard for why people skip gymnastics days.

I have heard from a few people that they don’t like to attend gymnastics day because it doesn’t give them a good workout.

I have also heard others say they don’t attend because they “suck” at gymnastics. For those who hold these two beliefs, I would like to give you a different way of thinking about Thursdays. 

If you do not come because you don’t feel you get a good workout (compared to a Metcon), think about gymnastics day this way: it is an opportunity to improve your ability to move your bodyweight effectively. If you practice your fundamental gymnastics strength, such as a strict hollow pull up, you will have greater capacity to perform pull ups during a metcon on other days of the week, and therefore spend less time with your feet on the ground staring at the bar.

For those who don’t attend because they suck at gymnastics, well…how the heck are you going to get better if you don’t show up and practice?

Author: Matthew Walrath

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