One More Week

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Super Rack Stretch
Overhead Band Stretch

Warm Up

2 Rounds:
7 Good Mornings
7 Press
7 Cleans 
7  Push Ups


EMOM 7 minute:

Clean Pull + Clean + Jerk  (not maximal)

Notes: The weight should be manageable for all 7 minutes and reps should be perfect. This will provide a warm up for the longer conditioning piece for the day.




For time:

1 Squat clean (185/135)
10 parallette handstand push-ups
2 Squat clean
9 parallette handstand push-ups
3 Squat clean
8 parallette handstand push-ups
4 Squat clean
7 parallette handstand push-ups
5 Squat clean
6 parallette handstand push-ups
6 Squat clean
5 parallette handstand push-ups
7 Squat clean
4 parallette handstand push-ups
8 Squat clean
3 parallette handstand push-ups
9 Squat clean
2 parallette handstand push-ups
10 Squat clean
1 parallette handstand push-up

– 25 minute time cap – 

Notes: This workout should be scaled to be well under the strict time cap. Pick a HSPU scale that is difficult but allows range of motion and can be adjusted as needed. 

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
10 Hip Extensions
10 Pike Sit Ups

Our programming so far this week has provided long duration high conditioning pieces focusing on squatting and shoulder capacity primarily. These stimuli should provide a great primer for the release of Open workout 14.5 on Thursday. We are almost sure to see some variation on burpees and thrusters, movements notorious in CrossFit for potency, especially coupled together. Our gym will be well prepared for this final workout. 

The close of the Open is always bittersweet as these five weeks bring out the absolute highest efforts from every athletes. The end of stressing about an unknown workout each week will be welcome for most of us but each Open, every athlete that participates learns something about themselves physically and mentally. Each participant is made starkly aware of their strength and weaknesses and where they fall against the rest of the world. This might not matter much to most athletes, and it shouldn’t, but it does provide a great baseline for each athlete to build their own training ideas and new goals. That way, when next year rolls around, you will again test your progress and build a new set of goals. So the cycle goes toward an ever growing level of fitness. 

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