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Thursday, March 13, 2014


OH Band Distraction- 1min. ea. arm
Bird Dogs w/ 3s Hold x 10

Warm Up:

50′ Bear Crawl
30s Hollow Hold
50′ Duck Walk
30s Hollow Hold

Gymnastics Strength:

3 rounds for quality:
3 Wall walks + 30 second Handstand hold (after 3rd rep)
20 Hollow rocks + 20 Tuck ups
2 Rope climbs

Notes: Scale down the rope climbs and perform 4 rope lowers.  Scale up and perform legless (try keeping legs straight in straddle or L-sit)


For time:
Row 2K – For time!
50 Handstand push ups – For quality!

Notes:  Push the row (go for a PR!)  Scale down to regular push ups as needed.  Focus on perfect form with the body maintaining a rigid plank position and the chest and thighs hitting the deck at the same time!

Cool Down:

Tabata Hollow Hang on Pullup Bar


Monica went from zero strict pull-ups to almost 7 (with only a little kipping action:)

I want to take today’s blog post to acknowledge everybody who participated in the EIE challenge. Reading through your progress put a big smile on my face yesterday. Even if you did not reach your goal, at least you showed up. At least you believed that you could get better in 6 weeks and made a plan to do so. I am looking forward to you continuing to progress.

I encourage everybody to use the EIE challenge format as a model for constant self-improvement year round. Step one is setting a specific, measurable outcome goal with a timeline. For example “I will improve my snatch from 165lbs to 185lbs in 6 weeks.” This is the outcome you will achieve, but is limited because it does not inform action. How do I improve my snatch by 20lbs in 2 weeks?

Step two, you must set behavioral goals that will help you achieve your goal. If you are unsure how you will achieve your outcomes, ask a coach to point you in the right direction. Examples of behavioral goals are “I will show up to group class 4x per week” or “I will work on overhead mobility for 20 minutes per day” or “I will overhead squat my goal snatch weight once per week”.

Step three, at the end of the timeline you set for your outcome goal, retest, and celebrate the progress you made. You should also reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and what you can do things more effectively next time. Keep track of everything, including reflections, in some sort of log. Rinse, repeat, succeed.

Mama T hitting her EIE goal of a 75lb Snatch – a 10lb PR in 6 weeks!


Damon went from a 2-3 second handstand to consistently holding 15-20 seconds!

Author: Matthew Walrath


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