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Tuesday February 4, 2014


External Rotation, Stepaways and Circles with Theraband
Bird Dogs, 15 each side
Monster Walks, 10 steps each direction
Wrist and Ankle Mobility
Foam roll legs and lats


2 Rounds:
Row 200 meters
50′ Bear Crawl
10 Light KB Swings
10 Squats with light KB
25′ Duck Walk


A) 4×5 Back squats @75%, quick up and down with no rest between reps – rest 90 seconds

B) 4×5 Strict Ring dips plus 5 sec hold at the top of each rep – rest 90 seconds

Notes: Alternate between A and B movements and try to stick to the rest protocol. If you do not know your percentages, pick a moderately heavy weight to maintain across all 4 sets of back squats. For the dips, scale up by adding weight or scale down to boxes. Be sure to focus on good depth and full lock out for any variation!


20 min AMRAP of:
20 KBS 24/16kg
10 KB Push Press (left) 24/16kg
10 KB Push Press (right) 24/16kg
Row 500m

Notes: Use dumbbells as needed for the one arm pressing.

Cool Down

Theraband routine from warmup
Pigeon Stretch, 1 minute each side
Pike stretch, 2 minutes


This week we are talking about taking the time to put in that extra effort to accomplish your goals.  That might mean mobility work or simply practicing a movement more often.  Yesterday we put up a homework assignment of 50 perfect overhead squats with a broomstick and commented that it would be beneficial to videotape yourself to ensure you maintained proper form.  Last week G posted about how filming yourself can be a great coaching tool for your gymnastics as well.  All of our top lifters film themselves daily.  Check out the above video for how Chad Vaughn breaks down and analyzes his snatch in slow motion.  It is great to hear what he is thinking about as he lifts and serves as a reminder for how much we can learn from watching film of ourselves.  Back tight, big breath, knees out, shoulders in front of the bar, knees flared out, bar path, the extension, the receiving position, the shoulders locked out…have you ever watched yourself go through that whole sequence in slow mo?!  Well you should!

Your homework assignment for today is to film yourself performing any movement.  Maybe try filming your squats or dips today to see how your range of motion and body position looks!  Maybe you can practice handstands at home or snatches with a broom stick.  No matter what, watch and see how you move, it might help you understand some of the things your coaches say and to give you a better understanding of what and why you need to mobilize!

Here’s another great example:

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