Self sabotage and staying connnected to your goals.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

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Foam roll IT band
Downdog calf stretch
15-20 Scapula Push-ups
5 Inchworms


Jog 200 meters
10 Burpees
10 Squats
10 Sit ups


Alternating Tabata for 8 minutes:
Jumping Squats
Box Taps – DEMO

Notes:  This will be 20 seconds of squats, 10 seconds of rest, then 20 seconds of Taps for 4 rounds.  The jumping squats should be controlled and explosive with a soft landing each time. Use 12 or 8 in box for the taps. Keep the pace light and quick!


35 min AMRAP of:
Run 400 meters
10 Burpee box jumps, (24/20)
15 KB Sumo-deadlift high-pull (70/50)
20 Tuckups
25 Shoulder Taps
30 Walking Lunges

Notes:  Scale the weight/movements to allow for continual work.  For the tuckups, work to keep your feet off the ground between reps.  Scale the shoulder taps to a plank with feet on box if needed.

Cool down:

1-2 minutes of each:
Cobra pose

Gone to watch the big game!
Happy Superbowl Sunday, you’re all winners:)

Today’s post is authored by Brenda:

Self sabotage. ugh. 
Sound Familiar?  

All too familiar I must say. 

Whether you’re doing the  EIE challenge or not- there is more than likely some sort of effort, to improve some sort of SOMETHING in your life. 

How many times have you gotten oh-so-close to that one goal, maybe losing a couple pounds… and the first couple of weeks you’re doing awesome,  you’re feeling great, skins clearing up, you’re feeling sexy! … only to find yourself a couple weeks  later binging on a gallon of ice cream, family size bag of chips, pizza, beer and (of course) a diet coke?
[a little extreme, I know. But is it really? Been there. Done that.]

Why do we do this to ourselves? Work soooo diligently to achieve something, then turn around and say “fuck-it”. 

….. good question. 


a few “Fuck-it”  related definitions:

sabotage. verb.  to destroy, damage, or disrupt.

self abandonment. noun.  the action of completely surrendering oneself to a desire or impulse (often through food/overeating, drugs, alcohol, procrastination)

Emotional Eating/Stress eating. The practice of consuming food- usually comfort foods, junk foods, and excessive amounts of foods- in response to feelings/stress instead of hunger. Eating for reasons other than hunger. 

Self-sabotage. to have personal interest in a goal and undermine it with an action or activity that injures the outcome of that goal. 


Often, going into “fuck-it” mode is triggered by things such as exhaustion (long day/week at work?), stressstrong emotions (sadness, anger, loneliness). We tend to get ourselves into trouble trying to escape intense negative feelings.  trying to numb them. [Enter here: food, alcohol.]  If you feel this may be  the case, before you say “fuck it”,  take a moment, stay connected to yourself, and ask- what do I really need right now? What is my body asking  for?  [i.e. Am i tired?  Am i upset?]  STAY CONNECTED. What do I ultimately-truly want? [insert here your goal] whats my priority? what holds more value in my life? whats more important?
Stay connected to that

Maybe what you need is a nap! …You’re tired!  
Or, maybe instead of stress/emotional eating-  hitting the box for a good’ol WOD. burn off some steam!

The trigger might be circumstantial,  but also, it may go deep. subconscious level kinda deep.   
Do I believe I’m worthy/deserving? 
Do I believe myself  capable? 
(The answers to both of these should be:  YES! and YES! Sooo worthy. Soo capable.)  

In order to prevent self sabotaging behaviors. We need to believe that. THEN, Our actions & choices need to match our beliefs and desires. (Desire: To reach that goal! Belief: I am worthy and capable. 

As you pursue your goals (EIE related or not. Nutrition/crossfit related or not.) 
Be the #1 supporter of your own goals. Not your #1 contender. 
Remind yourself that you’re changing. & that change isn’t easy.
{Be patient with yourself}.
take a moment.  breathe.
KNOW you are worthy. KNOW you are capable.
then- Decide.  

Todd Herman,, sports psychology coach has an awesome philosophy on change- and our “resistance” to it. When change starts to happen,  we feel resistance , thats when self-sabotage happens. We resist change.   He describes five techniques/ tips for riding out the “resistance” of change. My favorite is #5 and I’ll share it with you, hope its helpful! 

“Your life is a text, and you’re the editor, you can make small corrections every day. Editors don’t berate themselves when they spot a typo- they don’t rip up the whole manuscript and burn it. They just correct it, and move on. Next draft. Self editing is self empowering.” 

As we are all,  in the process of making whatever changes and improvements we are making in our lives… hang in there! Push through those awkward growth spurts.  “This is resistance. And its cause for celebration. It means that changes {the changes we want!} are happening”.

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