Wednesday, January 29. 2014

If you have not attended a specialty class yet this week, get out there and try something new! Yoga tonight would be a great place to start. If you are not use to the stimulus of running, swimming, weightlifting, or yoga, the specialty class will provide a new challenge and guaranteed great workout. 

Yoga at 8pm – Sign up  HERE!



Theraband Shoulder Series
Gristle/Groiner/ Samson Stretch
Active Hang
Foam Roll


50 Jumping Jacks
2 Rounds:
10 Lat Activations/Kipping Swing
10 Good Mornings
10 Press/Push Press
10 Stepping Lunges


3 Rounds:

1 Strict Press + 7 Push Press, heaviest possible

20 Walking Lunges, heavier than last week

Notes:  This is a similar protocol as last week, so be sure to keep track of your numbers.  For the presses keep that midline tight and drive through the heels.  If you come to failure on the Strict Press, still finish your Push Press.  For the Walking Lunges, ideally we can use a barbell in the front rack position, but use Kbs or Dbs (also in the front rack) as needed.

Classic Conditioning

6 Rounds:

6 Squat Clean and Jerks (135/95)

6 Bar Muscle-ups

-15 min cap-

Notes:  Any style Jerk is allowed or even a squat clean thruster if the weight is reasonable. Scale weight as needed. We would like to see everyone try a Bar MU variation with bands or jumping if possible, otherwise perform burpee pullups.

Advanced Conditioning


Squat Clean and Jerks (185/125)

Bar Muscle-Ups

-15 min cap-

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
10 Wall Extensions
20 Bird Dogs

This is the heaviest front squat ever. Good depth and 800 lbs. Power belly.

The recent influx of new members and the return of veteran members has created some awesome energy in class lately. It also has pushed even our Venice space to its capacity in a few classes this week. I actually love big classes but I noticed that not all classes are overly busy. Usually, one jam packed hour is followed or preceded by much less crowded classes. I am mentioning this because I want EVERYONE to get the most out their experience by using our reservation and check in system through Zenplanner. I know that most people who show up to class do not reserve a spot previously. We completely understand busy schedules and circumstances but if more members consistently check Zenplanner and reserve spots than people who might want to avoid busier classes or have more flexible schedules can do so. This will spread more people out over the evening classes and create a better experience for all. So if you do not already, try to make a habit of reserving a spot for class and checking to see which classes are busier. The system is in place so that our coaches can achieve their most important goal – providing the best possible experience for each and every member in every single class. 

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