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The EIE Challenge is in full force and we are almost a week in.  This week’s focus is on sleep.  There are many things that can get you those ZZZ’s and have you feel refreshed in the morning.  Try winding down with a hot bath and some light reading.  Meditating is also another great activity to help calm the mind.  Try taking 5-10 minutes to sit quietly and let go.  After a long day it important to take the time to wind down to help achieve quality sleep.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


OH Band Distraction, 30 Seconds Each
Band Super Rack Stretch, 30 Seconds Each
10 Theraband Shoulder Circles
10 GHD Back Ext


Bear Crawl 100′
10 Scapular Pushups
Crab Walk 100′
Handstand Hold 30 Seconds
10 Lat Activations


5 Rounds:

10 Arch to Hollow Swing on the Rings
5 Kipping Muscle-Up Transitions, hardest possible
2 minutes, practice, or ME Free Standing Handstand


Notes:  Practice holding the rings in false grip for both the swings and transitions.  Use a partner for the free standing Handstand work as needed and try not to walk around, but stick you position.




50 Reps for time of:

Burpee/Push-Up/Jumping Jack/Sit-Up/Handstand

-18 minute cap-


Notes: All of these movements together is 1 rep. Watch the video for a demo of two reps of the workout: DEMO. Handstand should be attempted in free space, but you may scale to the wall. 

Cool Down:

Plow Stretch, 30 Seconds
Couch Stretch, 1 Min Each 
German Hang on Rings, 30 Seconds



Beast Mode

Beast Mode


As a coach it always makes me smile to see athletes who put in the extra time, dedication, and hard work in order to improve their weaknesses.  The athlete that comes to my mind, who exudes these qualities absolutely, is Estelle Atney.  Estelle is a long time PCFer who not only inspires me by maintaining a such healthy lifestyle but also continues to inspire others through her enthusiasm for living her life to the fullest as well!  She has brought numerous people to Paradiso and has helped to expand our family just by her sheer enjoyment of fitness. I see Estelle almost everyday for morning class but sometimes I see her twice a day, as she comes in at night to do her ‘skill work.’ Day in and day out I am lucky enough to witness a person who has overcome the likes of cancer and see such effort persist through her dedication as an athlete. 

The Athlete Spotlight is a way to get to know fellow members.  This is a brief Q & A to help you get to know the woman who is a true representation of our Paradiso community.  To say that Estelle is such a great athlete is not enough.  Read on to see just how much of an amazing person she really is.  It is a pleasure to work with you Estelle and I look forward to seeing your future accomplishments.  Those Double Unders will be yours soon enough!

1.  Age  Biological: 46 (Mental: 25 J)
2.  Occupation   Accountant
3.  When did you start at Paradiso Crossfit?  September 2012
4.  Favorite WOD              I don’t know that I have a specific favorite WOD, but I like chippers…and partner WODs.
5.  Least Favorite WOD  Again, no specific WOD, but if it’s got Wall Balls, I’m definitely not a happy camper.  Wall Balls are not “height challenged” friendly.  Not loving anything with the Snatch either.
6.  What is your Sport/ Fitness Background?  What did you partake in before PCF?  I led a pretty sedentary life until I was 39, when I decided to run a marathon before I turned 40.  I ran my first marathon and loved the feeling of accomplishment,  so I kept running. I ran 22 marathons between March 2007 and March 2013.  I’d been sidelined by a foot injury since May 2013, but the injury seems non-existent now, so I’ll be training for my 23rd marathon in October in a couple months.
7.  How did you first hear about PCF, or get exposed to Crossfit?  I was first exposed to CrossFit when I was going through chemo for breast cancer back in 2010.  My niece had started doing CrossFit around that time.  She was already pretty fit, teaching Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness and being a police officer; but when she started CrossFit, she literally transformed into a beast!  At my lowest point during my treatment, I decided that I was going to come back stronger in my running and try to run as many marathons as I could for as long as I could.  Needless to say, I hit the proverbially wall when I tried to break 5 hours, consistently getting within 15 minutes of my goal but failing.  So I decided that cross-training was my key.  I thought about how strong my niece had become, so I decided to try CrossFit.  I tried an intro class at another box because PCF was wait-listed, but I didn’t really like the vibe of the gym or the people who worked out there.  I tried PCF again about a month later and the wait-list had just gotten lifted so I signed up for the intro class, then On Ramp.  The rest is history… J
8.  Tell us about your first WOD.  What was it?  How did you feel?  The first WOD I ever did was an intro class at another CrossFit box.  It consisted of a 400 meter run, 40 air squats, 30 abmat sit-ups, 20 push-ups, and 10 pull-ups.  I got through the air squats and sit-ups okay, but got stuck with the push-ups (did knee push-ups with horrible form and took F.O.R.E.V.E.R.) and the pull-ups (used a green band and STILL needed assistance).  It was pretty exhilarating when I finished though and I felt like a bad-ass, even though I couldn’t do half the movements well.  I couldn’t wait to do something that awesome (but awful…LOL) again.
9.  What Changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting Crossfit?  Since I started CrossFit and did the EIE Challenge last year, I’ve leaned out a lot.  I got down to my Jr. High weight, which I would never have imagined.  I’ve lost about 2 sizes in my clothes.  I’ve gained back a few pounds, but I’m still at the smaller clothing size, so I’m guessing the weight gain is from muscle gain.  I’m definitely a lot stronger.  I still get stuck on some of the movements, but the movements that I need a band are down to a few things and really just on the more complex movements.  If I were to do that first WOD that I did at the other box again, I would totally crush it. J
10.  Share your Favorite Crossfit moment.  Is there a day that sticks out in your mind that was a life changing moment?  There are so many favorites!  The first time I got a pull-up and a rope climb are pretty epic moments for me.  Also, about 2 months after I started CrossFit at PCF, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon with a friend who is a retired Marine and hadn’t really trained for it.  We ran it in 5:20.  Six days later I ran the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis and ran a 4:47, finally getting that sub-5 hour marathon monkey off my back (and PR’ing by 27 minutes!).  I probably would have finished a lot faster, but I towed in a guy for the last 6 miles who was struggling to finish so I slowed down to help him out.  If I hadn’t done that I think I probably would have finished closer to 4:30.  I’m pretty sure I owe that to CrossFit.

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