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Wednesday October 16

Yoga at 8pm – Sign up HERE


Ext. Rotation/Shoulder Circles w/ Theraband
10 T Push Ups
10 Push Ups
Behind the Neck Barbell Rack Stretch
10 Behind the Neck Press
10 Strict Press
10 Push Press
Hollow Hold  – 60 seconds

Classic Strength

15 minutes to find 1RM Press and 1RM Push Press

Notes:  This is performed by finding your Strict Press first.  When you fail, move directly into the Push Press.  This should be performed out of a rack.


Advanced Strength

15 minutes to work to a near maximal Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

Notes:  This is performed as a complex.  Ideally this will be performed out on blocks.



5 rounds for reps of:

:30 ME Weighted 20″ Box Step-ups 95/65# front rack
:30 Rest
:30 Double KB Hang Power Clean & Jerk 24/16kg (KBs do not need to return to the floor every rep, start from the same “hang” that you would on a swing)
:30 Rest
:30 ME 10m Shuttle Run (out and back equals 1 rep)
:30 Rest

Notes:  For the Box Step ups, your trailing leg will not come into support on the box, but remain off the box to ensure only one leg is being used for the full range of motion.  Use dumbbells as needed and stagger start larger groups.


Cool Down

15 Wall Extensions
Samson Stretch
15 PVC Dislocates

A Diso captured in the wild. 


This was posted in Gym Members and Friends on Facebook but I thought I would put it here just to show how how great our members are at organizing and trying new things. We love facilitating moments like this for our members and nearly all suggestions for new events to are taken seriously by the staff. So, if you have anything you have been wanting to try, whether it be a workout or something else entirely, let us know!

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