Saturday, 10/5/2013


Beach Workout at 1pm – Feel free to bring a friend or family member!   Sign upHERE

Warm up:

Row 300m
3 Rounds for quality:
5 Strict Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats



15 minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat


Notes:  Be sure to log your score!



Five rounds for time of:

50ft Overhead walking lunge (45/25)
21 Burpees


2 Min Plank
Super Rack 1 min
Couch Stretch 1 min
Foam Roll Quads/Hamstrings




  Emmett in Ireland

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Change can be difficult. We all fall into certain habits and routines, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But when it comes to fitness, its not recommended. Our bodies are designed to adapt to physical stimuli. We are all built with different amounts of Type I (long duration/endurance), IIa, and IIb (short duration/explosive) muscle fibers. Naturally, when you look at the week’s programing in advance, we know what workouts we are going to enjoy, and which we are going to struggle with.

I recently just changed my programing from The Outlaw Way to Competitor’s Wod, because I found that I was not making progress equal to the amount of work I was putting in. Before I move on, I am in no means putting down Outlaw, after all its programing brought our team to the games, but I don’t believe that every program is one size fits all. I am currently about 1 month in and loving it. My body is still sore, but a different kind of sore. Instead of waking up with aching joints, my muscles are the ones that talk to me first. I like the programing because I am trying things that I would not have done otherwise. 20 rep max jerk, max distance broad jumps, weighted box jumps, shuttle run sprints, higher rep schemes for Oly lifts. Its fun, its stimulating, its Crossfit. So far, I’m back on track and consistently hitting new PR’s. I was concerned that my Oly lifts would suffer, but my squat-ish snatch is improving, my clean and jerk feels stronger, my gymnastics feel more proficient…I feel like an athlete again. My endurance is not good but the programing is designed more for strengthening right now.

My point is that change can be difficult but highly rewarding. I you believe that something will work, it will. What have you got to lose?

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