Saturday, 9/28/2013


Beach Workout at 1pm – Friends and family can join for free – Sign up HERE

Mobility/Warm up:

2 Rds
10 PVC disloacates
Handstand Holds (Hands as wide as OHS position) 20″
Wall Facing Squats x10
Sumo Dead Lift High Pull with KB (moderate weight) x10


5×5 Overhead Squats, moderate weight, rest no more than 2 minutes


Notes:  This is about developing strength in the overhead squat position to help with our Snatch.  Focus on a solid shoulder position over depth.




5 Rounds

12 DL (155/105)

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

-15 min cap-


Notes:  Be sure to log your score!


Light 400m jog
Overhead band distraction 1 min
Pigeon Stretch 1 min
Foam Roll T-spine 1-2 min


Crossfit and Community

I’m sure by now, many of you have read the “Rhabdo” article floating around on facebook. And yes, while Rhabdo is indeed a serious concern, what caught my attention more was the amount of crossfit haters that are still out there. Many of my friends who do not do crossfit, posted this on their wall to show how dangerous crossfit is and why people are putting themselves “at risk” for participating in such an unsafe activity.

Now we all know how uniformed those type of statements are. What most people neglect to see is what makes Crossfit so special. Community. The “Zeb” workout was the epitome of what makes Crossfit so unique and awesome. Dozens of members and non-members showed up to workout and cheer others on for something far beyond working out. It was a celebration. A celebration of a coach who has affected us all in such a positive way, moving on to pursue his dreams. It was pain and anguish followed by euphoria and accomplishment. It was your friends cheering you on, helping to motivate you through physical pain and mental agony. It was your opportunity to reciprocate the same encouragement to others. It was so much fun finishing the workout and meeting up with everyone afterwards to share a few beers and laughter. We work hard and play hard..responsibly.

Where the hell else do you get that? Does the entire gym at Gold’s turn around and cheer you on as you struggle for that last rep on the bench press? Do people even talk to each other at Yoga or Pilates outside of class? ( not to put those places down but where else do people actually hang out after working out with each other?)  Not just hang out but take trips, go to dinner, play sports like volleyball and ultimate frisbee, take firearms classes, go mountain biking, learn to surf, have semi-annual parties, travel to local competitions to cheer each other on..the list goes on and on. Serious long term friendships develop. You get to know people on such an intimate level when you both experience suffering and achievement together. Non-crossfitters just see the high intensity workouts with movements that they don’t understand or can’t perform themselves. They neglect to see how we focus on improving every aspect of your life on a daily basis through nutritional education, specifically programmed exercise, camaraderie, and community.

With crossfit you are always guaranteed a solid workout, but what makes it special is so much more than exercise.

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