Wednesday, 9/25/2013

Yoga at 8pm – Sign up  HERE

Read below for an optional special workout for Zeb’s last day at PCF. Join us at MDR in the evening or do the workout during any of the daytime classes at either gym. 



Double Under Practice – 2 minutes
15 Dislocates
10 T Push Ups
W/ Barbell x 10
 – Good Mornings
 – Back Squats
– Overhead Squats



20 minutes to find 3 Position Snatch

Notes:  Be sure to log your score to keep track of your progress HERE!


Classic Conditioning

15 min Amrap:

25 Double Unders or Jump Overs

15 Push ups

10 Calories row

Notes:  If you are close to double unders but struggle to link them together, instead of just doing jump overs, give yourself a time frame to work on them, like 60 seconds to perform as many as possible!  For the pushups be sure to setup an incline if needed to maintain a quality midline position.


Advanced Conditioning

100 DU


50 Calorie Row

25 Ring Dips

100 DU

-15 min time cap-


Cool Down

Pigeon, 1 minute
Calf Stretch, 1 minute
German Hang, 1 minute

The Master.

We are meeting at 630pm at MDR and will be starting heats at 7pm until on ramp starts at 830pm. Feel free to perform this in any daytime class today if you cannot make the evening classes! Do it for Zeb and post your time and experiences!

For time:
1k Run
20 Deficit Handstand Pushups, 45lb plates
10 Rope Climbs, 15′
20 Low Bar Back Squats (225/155)
10 Muscle-ups
20 Snatch (135/95) – yes these are squat!
1k Run


What can I say about Zeb that has not been mentioned over the last few weeks. He is a uniquely devoted individual who has given more to PCF that most of us can even fathom. When I joined PCF almost 3 years ago, I was immediately blown away by Zeb’s strict adherence to perfect movement, perfect standards, and perfect coaching. Zeb led by example and, along with Diso, set the tone for what is now a highly respected CrossFit affiliate with two locations and 400+ members. Zeb and I quickly became training buddies and I learned from the master to be true to each individual movement and rep and to always push limits and set seemingly impossible goals. There is no questions that without Zeb, PCF would not be where it is today – a close knit but ever expanding community, a gym known for its first class coaching, a team that went to the Games, and the list goes on. None of those things exist without Zeb. He will be impossible to replace and will always be missed. Whether you come in today and do the “Zeb” WOD or the days normal programming, try to move with purposeful, clean movements and push as hard as possible. This is the proper way to celebrate Zeb’s departure.

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