Thursday, September 19, 2013

Advanced Specialty Class focusing on Butterfly Pullups and Handstand work – Sign up HERE

Swim Night at 730pm at Culver City Plunge – Sign up HERE 

Gymnastic Strength:

20 minutes for QUALITY:
5 Rounds:
15 Pushups
10 Xiaopeng Forward (5 each side)

3 Rounds:
Handstand Hold, 30 – 60 seconds
Hollow Hold, same time from above

     Notes: Work through as much of the above work as possible. Most people will need to use some type of incline version for the pushups. Scale down the number of reps or position to ensure a perfect midline/body position! Only if you finish the 5 rounds should you move onto the subsequent 3 round set. For the Handstands, you should be facing the wall with only your toes touching. Ideally your wrists are only a few inches from the wall with your toes pointed and body tight!


5 Rounds for Time and Quality:
L Hang, accumulate 30 seconds
30 Arch rocks

     Notes: If you cannot hold your feet above hip level for the L Hang, try extending just one foot above hip level and one in a tuck position, alternating legs as needed. You may also sub regular L-sits on parallettes or boxes.

Cool Down:

Cobra Stretch, 30 seconds
Lat Stretch, 1 minute cumulative


Yeah Barry! (And Steph)

Today is pure gymnastic and prerequisite strength building.  No other athlete can touch the gymnast in terms of upper body and core strength, body awareness and proprioception, flexibility, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.  Although it is not our goal to become pure gymnasts, we do want and need some of their skills and strengths.  So much so that I understand some of our peeps have started attending specialty gymnastic seminars on a regular basis.  Holler in comments if you do, and how you like it so far.  If not, holler in comments just for the hell of it.    

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