Summer Six Packs and Other Stuff

Thursday, June 6th

Gymnastics Day!

Warm up/Mobility:

Quick DROM
Wrist stretches, 10 each direction

We will work on progressions for the following skills today:

Handstand Body positioning and balance



Front Lever

     Notes:  Please arrive a little early as all the progressions take the entire hour, and we will start promptly.  Lot’s of abs!!

Cool down:

Easy 400 m jog or 500 m row



Ariel vs. Graeme on ‘Diane’

You may have noticed we use the term ‘Summer Six-Packs’ for our cool downs quite often.  I commandeered the term from the legendary 6am MDR athletes and my dear, close friends Badger and Jan Bu.  Summer is indeed underway and the Diso is hard at work getting regular surfing, ocean swimming, rock climbing, and beach volleyball groups up and running.  What’s on your summer wish lists?

Other stuff:

In this article, our very own Coach Jackie composed an excellent article on her blog about how to stay motivated and moving in the midst of a slump.  I especially loved point number 8 . . .

In this article, our good friends at CrossFit South Bay explain why the hell we always ask you to turn your knees out in the squat and turn your armpits forward during overhead work.  Rotation and torque, applied correctly, will give you safter, stronger, and more powerful movement, along greater ranges of motion, and thereby increase your fitness and health.  


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