The first Athlete Profile Harvest

POSE Drills

Run a 5 K for time

Cool down with 3 sets of GHD Sit-ups and Hip Extensions, 15 reps


Jamie ‘Badger’ Murphy

Some of you might not realize that we have a section dedicated to Athlete Profiles on the left hand side.  We will infrequently be highlighting athletes from our profiles in an effort to a) get to know the community better, and b) encourage people to submit profiles to us for posting.  It is only fitting that our first highlighted athlete is our longstanding 6am morning achor Jamie Murphy, aka Badger!

Name: Jamie Murphy

Whiteboard Alias: Badger

Age: 26

Height: 5’2″

Weight: :- /

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR

CrossFitting since: Feb 4, 2010

Favorite movements: Double unders, thrusters, squats, ghd’s, burpees (I know, who likes burpees… badgers do)

Least favorite movements: All “anti-short people movements” are pretty rough…ie rowing, wall ball, and the rope climb is my current nemesis.

Benchmark WODs:

Max deadlift: 197
Front Squat: 130
Max Thruster: 115 (2 times)
Squat Clean: 110
Clean: 110
Push Press: 110
Best moment: Zone with Zeb = getting my kipping pull ups… finally 🙂
Goals: RX everything, unassisted ring dips/bar muscle ups

Additional Comments: After 2 years of living in LA, I’m still learning to like it…. After 1 year of PCF, I’m learning that I could never live without it.

How did you find CrossFit? My roommate from Seattle started and immediately knew it would be something I’d love. She recommended it to me once I moved to LA and she was right, I was hooked.

Where did the name ‘Badger’ come from? The nickname is so much better than the actual story. Those of you who have seen me, should know that I have overly small hands, which were nicknamed badger paws back in high school. Everyone started calling me Badger for that reason and it has stuck for almost 9 years now… ridiculous.

What is it about CrossFit in general, and PCF in particular, that keeps you coming back? Crossfit is the most humbling and gratifying sport I’ve ever done. I love the mix of healthy competition paired with getting a great workout and bettering myself everyday. Before Crossfit I had always counted calories during the day to then burn them off during “cardio” at the gym. Crossfit made me understand the relationship of eating right to make your workouts improve and help your body run like a machine, and I love it for that. It has literally changed the way I live my life.

I keep coming back to PCF in particular because of the people. When I first moved to LA I was very against the people of the city, the anger on the roads, etc. The trainers and members of PCF are honestly the greatest group of individuals I’ve meet in LA. Everyone has an amazingly positive attitude and encourages one another to succeed each and every day. The commodore keeps me coming back, and it especially keeps me getting up at 5:45am for those morning classes

You’ve been with us for almost our entire gym life, and seen us through both of our boxes. In your eyes, has the gym changed? If so, in what way? I remember when CRose and I first joined, we felt like such the newbie’s, I can’t believe I’m now “a vet.” The gym has changed in so many ways, all for the better. Besides the obvious additions to new class times to accommodate members, the new equipment and the 20 ft rope that scared the shit out of me for months. The rapidly increasing membership is morphing the gym into new directions. New members create new levels of competition that keep old members striving to be better. New friendships are forming, new extracurricular activities are being shared with one another, ie beach volleyball, Frank’s track nights/marathons, etc. I feel that PCF has done an amazing job handling the overwhelming number of new members while still maintaining who they are as a gym and who they want to be. I look forward to watch the gym grow even larger. I couldn’t be more happy for Diso, Zeb, Martina and G for taking something so small and morphing it into what it is now. Its such an accomplishment and it’s only getting better.

What did you do to workout before finding CF? Did you have a sporting background? I’ve always had to take classes to stay motivated in the gym, I like the competition aspect of them. Before CF I was always doing cycling classes, kickboxing, etc. I never lifted weights in the gym, even though I knew I should have been. Lifting weights in a globo-gym as a female is intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As for a sporting background… not so much. I was a cheerleader, in gymnastics, played tennis competitively, and have ran ½ marathons. Growing up in Oregon it was also natural to snowboard and water-ski. I’ve always managed to stay as active as I could but Crossfit definitely has pushed me to new extremes.

What is your advice for people who are just starting out and are frustrated at how hard this stuff is? My advice would be to get used to the feeling of frustration, ha. I’ve been crossfitting for a year and a half and I still find myself frustrated with how hard things can be. All you can do is stick with it and know it will click eventually, and then you will move on to conquering the next challenge. Those who are frustrated need to understand we’re all frustrated at times, but we’re all in the gym working through challenges together.

What would you say to people who are hovering around, thinking about joining CF, but are reluctant to pull the trigger? I feel like after a month of CF you are either instantly hooked or you’re not. I loved it because I was never able to push myself the way I wanted to in a globo gym. CF is very humbling and shows your weaknesses right away. Those who are nervous to pull the trigger are probably a little self conscience and not used to being bad at things. If they understand that even the best in our gym have weaknesses and realize beginner or not, we’re all in the same boat, constantly striving to be better.

Which other boxes have you been to, and what differences, good, bad, or any, did you discover? The Black Box in NYC had great people who were willing to help with feedback and were very quick to introduce themselves and made me feel very welcome. Their gym was on the 3rd floor of a building in NYC so when it came time for a run in the wod, it also included 3 flights of stairs. After working out there, I definitely appreciate our PCF 400 meter run

How would you describe the PCF community? The PCF community is so incredibly welcoming. Its so refreshing to walk in when you’re having a tough day and escape life stressors. Everyone is there to better each other and better themselves, despite what is going on outside of the gym. Old members are always willing to reach out to new members and welcome them into the PCF family.

How would you describe PCF parties? As most would expect, they are a blast. It’s fun to get to know “the gym crew” outside of the gym. Everyone is very outgoing and friendly ready to have a great time. After a couple drinks people usually find some sort of competition to do, ie race up a cliff in the rain on the party bus, hand stand competitions, drunken handstand push-ups, etc. Who doesn’t like a little competition anyway?

Based on why you keep coming back, what would you like to see more (or less) of, from PCF? PCF has done such a great job and finding new ways to improve before I could even think of suggestions.

You have been to both the 6am and the evening classes. Have you noticed a difference in character of the classes? I’m not sure if there is a difference in character or it’s just a difference in energy levels. 6ams are tough and all of us have exactly an hour to get in, get warmed up and get out in order to start our day. There is less socializing and more getting down to business. Some like this, some don’t. But all of you should come in and try at least one 6am!

And finally the question on everybody’s mind, How long did it take for you to get double unders? I feel like it took me a couple months. I remember being extremely frustrated during CF wods when I didn’t have them. To those of you who still struggle, they will come to you SOON! And it will feel amazing when it clicks.

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