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Monday, April 29, 2013


External Rotation with Theraband, 15 each side (hold an abmat under your armpit)
Step Aways with Theraband, 3×10 seconds each side
Supported Ankle Stretch, 20 reps each side

Notes:  Lets start trying some of these on our own this week, but be sure to ask the coach if you are unsure of how to perform the movement properly!

Classic Strength:

5×2 Power snatch + Overhead Squat

Notes: Each set is comprised of 1 Power snatch followed by 1 Overhead squat. Prioritize making contact with the hip and good overhead position!

Advanced Strength:

5×2 Snatch @75%-85%- rest 90 seconds.

Notes: Begin at 75% and increase to 85% throughout sets if technique is perfect. DO NOT go past 85% and do not add to 75% if technique is not perfect. These do not need to be touch and go, you may reset.


12 minute AMRAP of:
7 Hang Power Cleans 155/105#
14 Burpees
21 Lateral Box Jumps 20″ (touch top)


Midline/Cool down:

3X10 (5l/5r) Turkish Get-ups @ 24/16kg – rest 45 sec.

Notes:  Kettlebells or Dumbbells may be used.

We are finally introducing our long awaited Gymnastics program today!  While we finish uploading a bunch of videos and organizing the site, I wanted to go over a few points of the program.

Our primary goals with this program are:

1.  Improve Body Control and Awareness to improve overall athletic ability
2.  Improve your Olympic Lifts and all other lifting skills required within CrossFit
3.  Improve joint mobility and strength to help prevent injury
4.  Create an outlet for continual healthy movement outside of regular gym time

This program is taken directly from Coach Sommers and and is designed to develop fundamental strength in 8 different movements:  Rope Climb, Hollow Back Press, Side Lever, Front Lever, Manna, Straddle Planche, Single Leg Squat and the Handstand.  Some of these you have probably never heard of or aren’t quite sure what they are, so we will take a moment to review them below.



Look at how strong he is with a single arm!  This training will consist primarily of varying levels of ring rows, working up to being able to hold the top of a pullup for 5 sets of 60seconds!



Ok, I know, screw that kid!  His body weighs as much as one of our legs, but still, the movement is what we are looking at.  The Hollow back press is basically an advanced version of the Handstand Pushup.  Guess where this training starts…yup, the basic pushup!



This is that fun party trick stuff I’m always talking about!  Well, its also an amazing strength training tool that will not only help you with all of your Olympic Lifting, but help prevent injury as well.  The tendon and ligament strength required to pull off movements like this will help keep your body glued together.  This training is surprisingly focused on the back and arch positions.



Again, same as I wrote above, amazing strength and transferable skills here for the Olympic lifts.  This training will consist primarily of Hollow Body holds and rocks.



Kind of like an Lsit on steroids.  Not only do you need a midline of steel to pull that off, but check out the wrist strength, mobility and balance!  This training is focused on leg lifts and variations.



Yeah, that damn kid again!  This was performed on rings, but it can also be performed on the ground.  This is just another example of that straight arm strength that will help prevent injury and transfer over to all other upper body movements!  The training consists of harder variations of plank holds.



Ahh, finally something we can wrap our heads around!  While gymnastics is not necessarily known for the development of their leg strength, this supplemental work will greatly benefit those that are lacking mobility and strength in that good deep Olympic Squat position.



This program includes a lot of wrist/shoulder/midline strength and flexibility work to ensure that you can get into an optimal position.  This is one of those skills that you have to work on regularly and something that is perfect for home.

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