Shoulder Prehab

The first video below will discuss common problems we see in the SHOULDER and the purpose of the subsequent exercises.

Remember that the body is an integrated system, so a problem with the shoulder can be related to the upper back, neck, elbows, etc.  Be sure to review all segments of this resource, focus on finding improved movement and contact Steve if you need professional guidance.  Click HERE to return to main Physical Therapy menu.


Soft Tissue Work

Foam Roll to Lats, scapular muscles, and T-spine. Goal is to accumulate 2-3 min per side, trying to stop and work out trigger points along the way



Keg Drill focuses on improving flexibility of the Upper extremities and T-spine needed for a solid over head position. Start with hands wide and slowly work them in towards each other. Focus on 5 seconds of stretch, 5 seconds of rest. 2-3 min total


The super rack stretch helps improve your front rack position by stretching the triceps and lats. Focus on contract relax, 5 seconds on, 5 seconds off for 1 min

Banded Lat Stretch isolates the Lats and lateral muscularture that typically get tight from excessive amounts of pull ups. To be performed 5 seconds on, 5 seconds off, gradually increasing the stretch for 1 min.


This exercise opens up the front of the shoulder needed for safe overhead position. Focus on slow controlled movement. Move your hands closer after each rep. 2×10 reps

This exercise will help improve thoracic spine mobility and activation of rotational muscles of the spine and engage scapular musculature that may be weak. Goal is 2×10, add 5-10lb plate to increase difficulty



My favorite exercise for developing strength and control of the postural muscles needed for overhead stability. The goal is to be able to perform 2 sets of 20 with 2.5lb per hand without touching the ground.

Perform with your back flat against the wall, feet 6 inches off the wall. The objective is to achieve full lockout of the arms overhead, followed by tucking your elbows into your “back pockets” at the bottom of the movement. 6-8 reps. This exercise is just a diagnostic as it is therapeutic in that if you cannot perform the movement with your back flat against the wall, while your wrists stay in contact with the wall. It indicates decreased ROM in the shoulder. But addressing this movement can also correct the dysfunction.

Deceptively challenging movement. To be performed with hands externally rotated (fingers pointing away from body), bicep against ear, arm locked out throughout the movement. Drive knees out at the bottom. Goal is 2 sets of 10 reps with 10-15lb plate.

Simple but effective rotator cuff exercise for strengthening the external rotators of the shoulder.

Effective exercise for improving rotator cuff activation and stability. The goal is performing this exercise for up to 2 min, with 10 second holds and 2 sec rest in between sets

Excellent exercise to engage the scapular muscles in standing and in functional positions. The Goal should be 20 seconds of small, medium, then large circles clockwise and counterclockwise

This exercise is for people who lack shoulder stability and for those who have difficulty engaging all of their deeper shoulder stabilizers. To Be performed 2×10-15 reps.