Take Advantage

EIE Challenge Tip of the Day 8:  Attend Open Gyms, Specialty Classes and less crowded midday classes for personalized coaching!  (More thoughts on that below:)


Monday, March 3, 2013

The CrossFit Games Open starts this week!  Register now!

Weekly Programming Links:  Group Class, Barbell Club, Gymnastics

Track Night meets at MDR tonight!



Keg Drill
Assisted Bottom of the Squat
Hip Extension with Band

Group Warmup:

This will still be done daily, but will be coaches choice from now on! (Remember you can search the schedule by coach:)


Classic Programming


5 x 3 Overhead Squat – Rest 60 sec.

Notes: Try to go heavier than what you would snatch for 3 reps and focus on depth and good overhead position.


12 minute AMRAP:
20 Double Unders
15 Wall Balls
10 Toes 2 Bar
5 Power Cleans (135/95#)

Notes: Sub barbell jump overs for double unders, V-Ups for toes to bar, and Dumbbells for the power cleans as needed.


Advanced Programming


5 x 3 Low Hang Snatch – Rest 60 sec.

Notes: Ideally these are an unbroken set.


For time:
60 Double-Unders
3 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
6 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
15 T2B
9 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
15 T2B
6 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
3 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
60 Double-Under
– 13 minute cap-

Cool Down:

Jog 200 meters
Pike or Plow Stretch, 2 minutes
Straddle Stretch, 2 minutes

Have you ever been to the Rowing Class?  Take Advantage!

We are one week into the challenge and I am loving the questions and curiosity!  If you have not turned in your data sheets or pictures, you can still do so!  The primary focus has been on Nutrition (for good reason), but don’t forget, this is the EVERYTHING is Everything Challenge and includes more than Nutrition!  If we take the time to mobilize, sleep better, and improve our movement patterns, we will also see big gains in our Health and Fitness!  Here are two things you should start taking advantage of…

Smaller Midday Classes and Open Gyms!  We have had times when people have shown up for a class that no one else is attending, and the member says something like, “Oh man, no one’s here?!  I’m going to come back later.”  Ummm, what?  Just in case you didn’t know, private training is one of the best ways to improve yourself as an athlete and individual.  You have time to ask questions about anything you want and receive individualized coaching for a full hour.  If you want to schedule a coach to work with you on your own time we charge $75-100 an hour for this service!  If you have the opportunity, we highly recommend that you attend any of the slower midday classes and Open Gym times, there is always a coach hanging out in the gym, often times lonely and looking for someone to coach!  While they will not personalize the programming for you like a private session, they will help with anything you ask, provide advice and is an amazing opportunity.  Take advantage!

Homework!  We have been posting homework almost every day on our Gym Members n Friends FB group and now in the comments section of the website as well.  We will be continuing this trend because it is important to keep moving and playing outside the gym!  These homework assignments are meant to be strengthening, fun, different, foundational, supplemental and able to be performed in 10 minutes or less!  Check out our past weeks videos and drills below in case you missed them:

Primal Chair
Classic Posterior Chain Stretching
10 minute Clock to perform 100ups drill (beginner or advanced) and slow jog for remaining time
50 Perfect Broomstick Overhead Squats
Hand Balancing Practice and Play
Bridging Intro and L-sit Drill

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