100 Ups Drill – Advanced explanation


This drill works on the Pose and the Pull of Pose Running. More specifically, it works on changing support from one pose to the next, in the case of running, from Figure 4 support on one side to Figure 4 support on the other side. This change of support is done with very little muscular effort except from the hamstring, and is key to maintain falling.


Pull foot straight up directly under the hip using the hamstring while keeping the ankle and foot relaxed. Pull the elbow back of the arm on the same side. You should be in the Figure 4 Pose. Support leg is bent with soft knee, weight is slightly forward on the ball of the foot. There should a straight line from head to shoulders to hips to ball of the foot. To change support, pull the support foot up directly under the hip using the hamstring while letting the other leg fall naturally to the ground. Do not push the foot down. Keep the foot relaxed and let it fall and land naturally. It should be a quick transition with a light landing on the ball of the foot and soft knees. You will finish in Figure 4 pose on the other side. Repeat the change of support 100 times as a warm up or review of Pose mechanics.

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