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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Everything is Everything Nutrition Challenge details HERE!  

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Warm up/mobility:

For 3 minutes
Jump rope 30 seconds on/30 seconds off

Group Warm up:

Shoulder Prep
Review Movement standards

Gymnastics/Coordination Tests, 3 attempts or less, each of:

ME Unbroken Double unders
ME Muscle-Ups or Pullups
ME Handstand Pushups or Pushups

     Notes:  Our Push up standards will be the same as our Nutrition Challenge push ups standard.  If you are doing the nutrition challenge, we encourage you to do the pull up test as STRICT pull ups, also with the same standards as the Nutrition Challenge.

Conditioning Test:

2k Row for time

     Notes:  Warm up to rowing before you row the 2K.  One of our recommendations/examples are

Row 15 seconds arms only
Row 30 seconds arms and back only
Row 1 minute full strokes
Row 10 strokes fast/10 strokes easy x 3
Full recovery

Prepping for Summer Six Packs Test:  

ME L-Sit Hold with feet above 2 – 45lb bumper plates

     Notes:  After establishing your first attempt, finish with 2 more attempts of max effort holds as supplemental midline training.     

Cool Down:

Cobra Stretch, 30 seconds
German hang, 30 seconds
Calf stretch, A LOT


The entire St. Valentines’ Day PCF crew.  

The plan was to write about the experience at The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre competition this last weekend like I usually do.   But I asked everyone to chronicle their experiences as well and this is what happened.  Please enjoy  (Be warned, this is not for kids!!):


Ariel:  This was my third competition and this time I went in knowing what to expect. I knew that this was going to light a fire inside – I knew I was going to come out hungry for more and want to come back as a better athlete. That’s what happened after my first comp, and I did come back stronger and better but it wasn’t enough. I was impressed with watching Suver and McCoy perform, although you can tell how much they hated these WOD’s, they still managed to push through and get on the podium. It made me think about how much I also hated these WOD’s but I’m not as good as they are (or the 24 teams in front of us – HA!). I want to get there, I want to be able to take on anything that is thrown at me – hate it or love it, I will come out on top. This past year last has been great because it’s been PR after PR but it’s still not good enough. I understand and accept that it’s never going to be enough for me. I’m always going to want more. Teaming up with Clive was great because It was nice to share my thoughts and feelings with a partner – it would turn out that we were always on the same page. I was glad to find out that she would do another comp and she will will team up with me again. I don’t want to sound like I’m just beating myself up, I am proud of us and how we performed. Especially with her considering that it was her first time and she went into RX – like a boss but I’m still not super human.

Clive:  I love you, Taco!  Zeb, thank you for all your support and coaching, I really enjoyed it and it was a fantastic experience. Would certainly do one again.

Suver:  I think you’re super human Ariel….

Eduardo:  Well, I’ve been Crossfitting for over 4 years now, and this was my first competition. I didn’t realize how fun they are and makes sad to realize all that I’ve been missing! Needless to say, I’m not happy with my performance, but very grateful for my partner Jamie, she’s a rock star! In fact, all the girls in our teams are awesome, I personally think I need to step up and become as strong as my partner and all the other girls. That being said, there are a few lessons I’ve learned: try not get sick before a competition; get plenty of sleep the night before; and eat a good breakfast that morning. I don’t believe in excuses, I think if you acknowledge them, you give them power over you, so I ignore them; Nevertheless, I take the lessons home, to ignore them would be stupid. Overall, I’m glad Zeb invited me to participate, for some reason, I always need a little push, even during regular WOD’s, now, I going to start hunting for the next comp with the goal of performing better and keep up with our female athletes!

Baylie:  I think everyone did an amazing job and you have all inspired me to keep pushing myself. The fire has been lit within and I am excited to seek out the next comp and grow as a cross fitter. It was the best requested day off from work. 


After Zeb had suggested I sign up with Eduardo, who I hadn’t met before, I remember a lengthy, tortured discussion with Jordan. I was all smiles after my first competition in August, but I had been a nervous wreck for weeks beforehand. Should I do that to myself again?

Yes. Because sometimes you have to do things that scare you. Nothing is more empowering. After that first WOD, you think, “There’s no way. I can’t do two more.” But then, you do. Was I a nervous wreck for weeks before? A little bit. All right, a lot. But I was more consistent in my workouts, my mobility and my clean eating. I think it’s a really good idea for any CrossFitter to work towards a competition for those reasons.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about my partner, Eduardo. What a great guy. Always positive, really fast. I really enjoyed working out with you. I know you were sick the week of the competition, but I still think we did well. The first workout played to our strengths, the last didn’t as much. But, we did it. Talk about a sense of accomplishment.

It was a long, cold day, but I got to hang out with a fun group of people. Watching everybody is pretty cool in itself too. Knowing how hard it is because you’ve done it and being so impressed with your gym buddies’ hard work. The highlight was watching Jordan get up on that podium. Yeah, I’m tappin’ that. I mean, what? I was beyond proud.  

Baylie:  Hahahaha Jamie I love you. Seriously laughing out loud.

McCoy:  The fact that any of you guys would choose to sign up for this event is astounding. These things are weird and crazy and incredibly challenging. No matter how many times you do it, it is terrifying. Every got better just by doing that on Saturday and the feeling of being more fired up to trainina and progress after this event is the best possible outcome, regardless of where you place. I tend to get in my own little world at these things but it was awesome seeing everyone perform and cheer each other on.  

Tibor:  2nd comp for me. Loved every second of it. I think the camaraderie is the highlight for me. In my mind, I was out there in battle for my awesome partner Jess as well as you guys. I wanted to represent the bad ass warrior box that we are! From what I see we have the most well rounded team around and we are only getting stronger. I watch you all in admiration of what was accomplished. But…when I look at the other competitors I only watched there weaknesses and it made me realize I (we) can be better than any one of them.

     The weird thing is that I love every WOD. Whether it plays to my weaknesses or my strengths …I love it. Not quite sure if I enjoy the pain, the adrenaline rush or what. I just watch and absorb. The only thing I do know is that i want to get better for you guys and myself and fight until the tank is empty. PCF domination 4 life!!!

Suver:  After CrossFitting for four years I had finally resigned myself to being “strong” but not necessarily very good at CrossFit. When I saw the list of wods for this weekend; max effort box jumps, a long chipper, Max Dip?! (really?!) and running I thought we were done for, as I am not good at any of those things. I knew we would do well on the row (duh) , but as that only made up 15% of the total I wasn’t really hopeful for the rest of it. It was surprising to say the least to hear our name called for the podium and it only made me realize that I can be good at CrossFit (not just lifting, rowing and wall balls) and that I should think more positively about CF metcon based events. I agree with everyone else that this has inspired me to work harder in my training, especially on my weaknesses. I am so impressed my everyone who came on Saturday, especially the ladies , and I agree with Jamie, the pressure and nervousness we feel about an event is worth it, not only for the experience but for our training as well.


Yea Tibor, throw your set up in the air. I feel the same way brotha.

I would also agree with how impressive the ladies were. It was pretty cool to hear them all talk about dips and think they may not even be able to dip 5#’s because bodyweight is hard enough. Baylie hit her first Dip ever – bad ass. Watching Sara add plate after plate was cool, it was too easy. She could have kept going but ran out of time. The other girls as well, kept going up in weight surprising themselves.

It was also cool to hear the people around me say WOW at Suver’s performance in the last WOD. Even the gay dudes were watching her and not paying attention to McCoy HA!

McCoy:  Suver dragged my ass the whole day!

Eduardo:  I’m with Tibor, and Ariel too! I didn’t care for personal glory, I just didn’t want to disappoint my teammates, and I didn’t want to be beaten by the big guy next to me! haha!
One more thing, I realized that hanging out with the team was one of the highlights of the day, yeah, my band of brothers, and sisters! H*** yeah!

Zeb:  Guys, this whole exchange has been great. May I ask to use the banter (even the R-rated stuff) for the post tomorrow? If not, no worries…

Ariel:  I don’t mind.

JLG:  I don’t mind either.

Tibor:  Fuck no!!

Suver:  Sure

Eduardo:  Not at all!

Clive:  Only if you have a section about Ariel being superhuman.

Ariel:  Lmao I was going to ask as long as u add suver saying she thinks I’m super human. We continue to think alike Clive.

Sara:  Saturday was great. that was the first time i’ve done a crossfit competition and i will definitely do it again. one of my favorite things about paradiso is the people and it was a blast to spend the day with some of the best. watching everyone push to their absolute limit (and beyond) was inspiring. ariel and clive kicked some ass, as did eduardo and jamie. everyone did, actually. watching jess push through and get the last of the wall balls in with about three seconds left was killer — she and tibor were monsters. zeb and bailey pushed through the last workout and made it look easy (i think it was for them). same goes for mccoy and suver i couldn’t have had a better partner than jordan (looks like jamie feels the same way in a somewhat different arena 🙂 ). he always makes me raise my game and saturday was that to a completely different level. he’s a total badass. saturday was a blast 🙂

That’s the entertainment for tonight.  Be sure to review the upcoming Everything is Everything Nutrition Challenge!!  And don’t forget about this Friday’s Paleo Potluck and Olympic Lifting Meet!

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