VBC Lifting Meet Signup

This Friday the 15th at 7:15pm, we will be holding our first Olympic Weightlifting Meet under the banner of the Venice Barbell Club!

Read below for the details and then sign up in comments below.  Be sure to include your snatch and clean and jerk numbers so we can better organize the athlete order!

This event will be held in conjunction with the Paleo Potluck and I am officially inviting anyone and everyone to participate.

I will be judging the lifts so if you feel up to challenge of snatching in front of a crowd, then come down and lift.  What and when you decide to eat is entirely up to you:)

An official weightlifting meet is usually divided into weight classes with winners in each category. For this meet, rather than split everybody up, we will be using something called the Sinclair Coefficient to determine the top overall rankings. This is a logarithmic function based on the most recent Olympic totals for each weight class and is used to average out each lifter’s total and essentially figure out who has the highest power to weight ratio.

If you want to participate, do not worry about the weight you are lifting!

  Just come in prepared to have fun!  The Barbell Club and our meet are just one expression of our overall goals.  The video below should get you sufficiently excited to come in and lift.  It’s ok if you cry watching it too. Totally normal.

Please contact me at mccoy@paradisocrossfit.com if you have any questions!

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