Clean Thruster


Click HERE for a demo with Explanation.


Scaling Suggestions:

No Rack Position – Use Dumbbells instead of a barbell

Still Learning the Clean – Perform the movement from the Hang Position


Mobility Suggestions:

Lots of Mobility needed for this movement!  You don’t have to do everything listed, but focus on your biggest issues and test and retest to make sure that what you are working on is improving your position!


Hamstrings:  Flossing, Smash with a Lacrosse Ball


Hip Work:  Gristle, Groiners (Banded variation), Pigeon (Box variation), Hip Prep, Hip Extension with band, External Rotation of the Hip with Capsule Work


Rack Position:  Foam Roll Lats, Tricep Mash, T-spine Smash, Keg Drill, Super Rack, Overhead Band Distraction with External Rotation, PVC Rack stretch on box


Overhead:  Band Distraction, T-spine smash, Keg Drill


Ankle Mobility and Foam Roll Legs

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