Our standard pullup is a full body movement and a gateway to more challenging movements like muscle-ups, chest to bar pullups and butterfly pullups.  Click HERE for a demo with an explanation and scaling options.


Safety Tip:  If you do not have a quality overhead position, be careful performing high volume reps of this movement or any of the above related movements.  An easy test is to perform Wall Extensions:  if you struggle to keep your hands in contact with the wall, you are a prime candidate for scaling these movements.  Read below for scaling options.


Scaling Suggestions:

If you lack mobility, be aware of your limitations, listen to your body and do not overdo practicing or performing this movement in workouts.  The best sub in this scenario is Strict Pullups or Ring Rows – Try to keep the sets at a max of 15-10 reps or less.


Pullups with an assitance band (minute 3:30 from the video above)


Mobility Suggestions:

Overhead Band Distraction

Foam Roll Lats

Keg Drill

T-spine Smash

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