This is a very challenging movement and a big goal for many CrossFit athletes!  Your first goal is to perform a quality full range of motion pullup and ring dip.  You also need to learn how to transition between these two positions.  Click HERE for an explanation of the transition.


Safety Tip:  Be careful on your shoulder and elbows when learning this movement!  Warmup properly, master the drills first and don’t overdo it when you are practicing or performing this in a workout.  


Scaling/Substitution Suggestions:

There are many variations and drills you can perform when working on the muscle up in a workout or for strength.


Using an assistance band

Muscle up Ring Row

Bar Muscle-ups (includes explanation of some jumping versions)

Burpee Pullup

Chest to Bar Pullup

Combination of Dip/Pullup OR Pushup/Pullup



Overhead:  Band DistractionT-spine smashKeg Drill

Internal Rotation:  StretchSmash with Barbell



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