Butterfly Pullups

The standard for competitive CrossFit athletes and the fastest way to perform pullups.  Click HERE for a demo with explanation.


Safety Tip:  If you do not have a quality overhead position, be careful performing high volume reps of this movement.  An easy test is to perform Wall Extensions:  if you struggle to keep your hands in contact with the wall, you are a prime candidate for scaling this movement.


Scaling Suggestions:

The same safety issues exist for the standard kipping Pullup as well, the main thing is to be aware of your limitations, work on your mobility and not overdo it while practicing or performing this movement in workouts.

Strict Pullups or Ring Rows – often you will reduce the number of reps for this scaling option


Mobility Suggestions:

Overhead Band Distraction

Foam Roll Lats

Keg Drill

T-spine Smash

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