Veteran’s Day

Monday November 12, 2012

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Keg Drill, 2 minutes with barbell
Foam Roll Lats, 1 minute each arm
Ankle Mobility, 1 minute each
Hip Extension with Band, 1 minute each

Notes:  Today’s strength is nearly impossible without good hip, shoulder, ankle, and thoracic positioning.  Set up your squat rack and perform multiple sets of the front squat as you mobilize to test and retest your position before loading up.

5×2 Pause front squats (3 second pause in the bottom), Rest 60 seconds

Notes: Go as heavy as you can with perfect form, focus on depth and keeping the torso upright. Practice bouncing out of the bottom.

Partner Workout!
5 rounds each for total time of:
Row 250 meters
10 Squat clean to thrusters (95/65)
15 Burpees

Notes:  One athlete works while the other rests. 3 minute rounds is the goal! Scale distance, reps and weight as needed to keep this a sprint!  Advanced athletes may wear a weight vest.

Cool Down:
30 GHD Situps
30 Back Extensions
Foam Roll Legs

Weekend Warriors at the Malibu Half:  Alexandra, Jacki, Ben and Hynes! 

After two and a half days climbing in Joshua Tree, my fingertips are raw and my lips are chapped from the sun and the wind.  I am exhausted and content.  This trip was special for a variety of reasons, but one big factor was that we were guided by and had the chance to hang out with Peter Croft and John Long.  These two men are living legends and pioneers in the sport of rock climbing and fascinating individuals.  They have performed and experienced things beyond our comprehension.  (Have you seen that recent 60 minutes special about climbing with no rope in Yosemite?  These guys did that first.)  Yet, beyond their superhuman feats, they are just normal men.  As we sat around the campfire and talked about climbing and life, I was continually reminded that we are all capable of amazing things if we believe in ourselves.  Peter has a saying, “Realize that you suck and that you are superman.”  That may not sound too profound, but it makes total sense if you know the guy.  He continually spoke about not getting ahead of yourself while training.  About being humble and approaching new things in life with an open mind.

Before we parted ways at the end of the weekend, we were complimented on our group of people and how enjoyable it is to lead a group of fit and motivated individuals!  Great job to everyone that came out and represented.  I truly hope that you all continue to explore the sport of climbing!


Need more inspiration?!  Read the following story from one of our dedicated morning athletes, Rene:

I wont bore you, but I was born with severe asthma and pretty much lived like a bubble child. As a child I couldn’t really go out and play and do the normal things kids do when they grow up.  I have always been on medication even when racing which was tough as well.  My asthma was so bad I would literally take my medication before I went to bed; during, so I would continue to sleep, and as soon as I woke up…pretty crazy stuff.
A friend of mine whom I used to race with started doing Crossfit about 5 years ago.  He, like myself, was bored with the same routine. Go run.  Come back and ride.  Go to sleep.  Wake up and swim.  From day one he was hooked and kept telling me, “You have to try Crossfit!”  I fought it for a while, but cut to 7 months ago and I found Paradiso.  WOW!  What an eye opener from day one. McCoy was my trainer, and honestly he is amazing. He was patient and really went over everything, but one thing stuck that he said, “Diet”.  He talked a little about Paleo, but didn’t really push it.  So about 2 months ago, of few of us in the 8 am class decided, “What the hell, lets do the Whole 30 Challenge“, and so we did!
I have to say it was really tough in the beginning, but everyone at the gym was super supportive and really helpful about what to eat.  Around week 1.5 I started to notice my severe asthma wasn’t so severe.  I had some wheezing, but hadn’t really had a full blown attack.  Week 4 came and we all had just finished the challenge and still nothing. Holy shit, had Paradiso really helped open my eyes to what it took to live a normal life?  YES!  It’s been over 2 months now and I feel like a completely new person.  I still get wheezing here and there, but I have not honestly had a full blown asthma attack!
I really wanted to thank the Paradiso crew for helping me enjoy what has been a rough run with my asthma… You guys fucking rule!!! Keep up the amazing work everyone.  Thanks so much.

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