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Friday, September 27, 2012

500m row
Shoulder Prep 

Gymnastics Strength:
3 Rounds with 75 seconds rest between movements:
Max Effort Handstand Pushups or Regular Pushups
Max Effort Strict Pullups or Ring Rows

12 minute AMRAP
100 Double-Unders – Buy In!
Then, with the remaining time, perform:
7 Deadlifts 315/205#
25 Burpees

 Notes: The 100 Double-Unders are a “buy-in”. When the 12 minute clock starts they must be completed before moving on to the AMRAP. The TOTAL TIME of the entire piece is 12 minutes. If you do not complete the 100 Double-Unders in the 12 minutes your score is ZERO.  If you cannot perform Double-Unders you may sub with low box jumps, 3x singles, 800m run, etc.

Cool down:
Calf Stretch, 1 min per side
Pike, 1 min
Plow, accumulate 1 min
German Hang, accumulate 1 min

Sink or Swim!

The Crossfit 201 lectures were awesome yesterday!  Hopefully you gained some new insights into your own health and fitness and had a chance to participate in an engaging dialogue with your coaches and peers.  The gym, website, food delivery services, and coaches are all one giant resource to take advantage of to help you make positive choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

A great question that popped up was about what to eat if you are an endurance athlete in a long race or workout.  The short answer is Sweet Potatoes and/or Lara Bars.  The long answer is more complicated and going to depend a lot on the length of the event or workout, what the athlete can process while racing, and what the athlete is willing to give up and replace with whole foods.  Let’s face it, goos and gels taste like crap, but they are super convenient quick delivery bombs of processed carbs and sugars for your depleting energy levels mid workout.  Replacing those with whole foods or minimally processed foods is going to be much more in line with your everyday diet but will take a lot more planning, preparation, and experimentation.  As workouts become uber long, protein and fats become increasingly more important as well.  For a more specific overview on the subject check out a post I did a while back, Eat This, Not That!


Starting next week we will be adding the PCF Endurance workouts to Beyond the Whiteboard.  Remember this service is a great tool for tracking PRs as well as your overall progress in the gym, and its free!  If you have been coming to Track Night on Mondays/Wednesdays and now Pool Night on Thursdays, the WODs will be included on the gym’s calendar for you to list your times!


Tomorrow, Saturday, morning I will be joining Mary on her 6 mile training run in Santa Monica and you should join!  If you are doing the Manhattan Beach 10k Run next weekend, the Day at the Beach Triathlon, have a race coming up, or just love running super early on Saturday mornings, then this is for you!  We will be visiting my old stomping ground when I trained for the 2009 LA Marathon with the LA Road Runners, a great running group that meets every Saturday in Venice at 7am.  That early on a Saturday morning there are only two types of people out in Venice or Santa Monica, homeless people and runners!  It’s such a weird combination and contrast.  I always feel like there are two hidden worlds that take over the Santa Monica bluffs while everyone else is sleeping in.  Check it out and partake in some good old fashion long, slow, distance training!  We will be meeting at the Totem Pole at the corner of Ocean Ave and Adelaide Dr at 7:45am (google map) and running an easy 6 miles at your own pace.  Let me know if you have any questions!


In a past post, Heel Cords of a Cheetah, I wrote about the benefits of running at a 90+ cadence to take advantage of muscle elasticity.  A client just passed me this cool website,, that sorts songs by their Beats Per Minute (BPM).  Have to listen to music while running, but still want to hold POSE method at a 90+ cadence?  This is the perfect compromise, enjoy!  (JShap, Yes, they have songs by Creed.)

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