Relax, the CFE Taper

Friday, June 22, 2012

Warm up/Mobility:
Jog 400 meters
Keg drill, 2 minutes
Bottom of squat, 2 minutes

Take 15 minutes and perform:
5×3 Snatch High Pull

This is a snatch pull with a weight light enough to continue the pull higher with elbows up and to the sides and the bar close to the body.

AMRAP 15 minutes of:
7 Power Clean (185/120)
30 Overhead Walking Lunges w/ plate (45/25)
15 Wall balls (20/14)

Cool down:
100 Ab-mat sit-ups

Pigeon, 1 minute each
Straddle, 1 minute
Reverse plank, 30 seconds


The first trail run in Temescal last weekend was awesome!  The weather was cool, June gloom was in full effect unfortunately, but it’s always nice to admire the Pacific from a mountain you have just scaled, especially by 9am on a Saturday.  At that hour you still have the whole day ahead of you, and you are literally on top of the world (well, on top of Santa Monica at least).  Bob M, Alex K, Zeb, and Ariel killed it!  I will be visiting another trail next weekend, June 30th, if you would like to join.  More info on that later!

A lot of people are signing up for endurance races lately and that’s amazing!  Jan Bu, Badger, and Jen recently finished the San Diego Rock n Roll half marathon, Jay completed the Chicago Allstate half marathon, Mary signed up for her second half marathon after recently conquering her first at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, Jesse and Jess are both training for different Olympic Distance triathlons, their first as well, Roxanne just did another half ironman like it was nothing, and a bunch of you are doing the Tough Mudder in two weeks!  I know I am forgetting or leaving out a ton of people.  If you have any races or competitions coming up shout it out in the comments so we can show some support!

In case you were wondering how to taper for an upcoming race while training with Crossfit I have posted below the official CFE Taper.  Like all CFE protocols, this is just a template and starting point that you can adjust based on your race and training goals.  If it’s a long race and you are trying to PR, then you should probably taper, hydrate, and carb and fat load the week of.  If you are doing a short race and just want to have fun then maybe you taper one or two days or not at all.  Let me know if you have any questions for any upcoming races, I’d be happy to help you out!

CFE Official Race Taper

Single Sport

Saturday:  CF
Sunday:  Choose 1 of the following based on your sport: 20 min swim, bike, run, or row
Monday:  REST
Tuesday:  Lift Heavy 5X3 Back Squat @70% of 5X3 max
Wednesday:  Helen @ 70% effort
Thursday:  Choose 1 of the following based on your sport:
swim: 8x100m or 8X50m @70% effort 2 minute rest
bike: 8×1/4 mile @70% effort 2 minute rest
run: 8×200 @70% effort 2 minute rest
row 8x250m @70% effort 2 minute rest
Friday:  REST
Saturday:  RACE or easy 15 minutes
Sunday:  RACE


Saturday:  Run in the morning. CF at night.
Sunday:  Easy 1 hour spin/ride
Monday:  Heavy Lift 5X3 Back squat @70% of 5X3 max
Tuesday:  Swim in the morning. CF at night, Helen @70% effort
Wednesday:  REST
Thursday:  Brick run-bike-run 800/1.5mile/800
Friday: REST
Saturday: RACE or easy 15 minutes
Sunday:  RACE 

Additional race day info from past posts:
Hydration, Nutrition, and Warmup.

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