Born to Run.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hip prep
Rack mobility of choice, 1 minute each

2 rounds:
10 Front squat
10 Push press
10 Ghd Sit-ups
10 Ghd Back extensions
10-15 Double unders

Practice and load up Bear Complex weight.

7 Bear Complex (135/95)
50 Double unders
5 Bear Complex
50 Double unders
5 Bear Complex
50 Double unders

*15 minute time cap!

Notes: 1 “Bear Complex” is: 1 Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press or Jerk, 1 Back Squat, 1 (Behind the Neck) Push Press or Jerk. There are many variations of the Bear Complex, but we will use the one listed above. You may combine the Clean and Front Squat into a “Squat Clean”, or you may Power Clean then Front Squat. A full standing position must be achieved before the PP or PJ begins (Thrusters are not allowed). Once the bar is overhead, it must be lowered to the back then the Back Squat should be performed. After the BS a full standing position must be achieved before the Behind the Neck PP or PJ begins (again, no Thrusters). When the barbell returns to the front rack, 1 Bear Complex is complete. The barbell must then touch the floor WITH NO STOPPAGE OF MOMENTUM for the next rep to begin. This means both hands must be in control of the bar as it touches the floor. Basically the goal is complete the prescribed reps for each round without allowing the bar to stop momentum on the floor, or dropping it. There is a 10 Burpee penalty to be performed immediately, every time the barbell is dropped or rests on the floor. Resting with the BB off the ground IS ALLOWED, and the hands DO NOT need to remain in contact with the BB as long as it is off the ground.

Cool Down:
Quad on Wall, 30 sec each
Pigeon, 30 sec each
Bar Hang, 30 sec

Nice rack.

Post courtesy of Track Master Frank:

Last weekend I took Zeb on to one of my local trail runs, Temescal Canyon Loop in the Pacific Palisades.  It’s one of my favorites because it is so close, only 20 minutes from the gym, a quick short route, only 3 miles that took us 50 minutes to complete with breaks, and still challenging with 1,000+ ft of elevation gain and decent.

It also has a little bit of everything you could ask for in a hike or trail run:  single track trails, switchbacks, rolling hills, views of the ocean and Santa Monica, a bridge and small stream, low overhanging branches and tunnels of trees, wild spring flowers, steep hills, and of course, plenty of vitamin d!

The thing I love most about trail running is the feeling of freedom and mobility.  Pacing also goes out the window, and your speed is determined not by mile markers or goal times but by how you are feeling right in that moment!  At one point last weekend there was a flat straight away, and up ahead I could see the path narrow into a single track trail that winded left and right through some long grass and narrow trees.  Without thinking I immediately darted straight for the trail and zipped through the section at a full sprint, grass whipping by my legs and my body leaning into the turns as I passed the trees.  I can’t tell you why I had the urge to do that, or why I had so much fun in those 10 to 15 seconds.  Later, on the downhill, I could feel Zeb close on my tail and could tell I was holding him back.  I moved out of the way and let him pass, and soon he was flying down the hill, dodging people, branches, and rocks at a near full sprint in Vibrams.  It was quite impressive.

Zeb commented on how he felt like the Last of the Mohicans out on the trail.  I also realized there is something calming about being removed from the city and placed in a more natural environment, a feeling similar to the one I get when I’m camping or surfing.

If you care to join me on the same trail, I’ll be going back tomorrow (Saturday), leaving the gym at 730a, getting to the trail head around 8am, hiking/running from 8-930a, and back to the westside by 10a for gym/brunch/beach/etc.

PCF Summer Trail Series: #1 Temescal Canyon Loop and Skull Rock
2.6 miles.  1000+ ft elevation gain/descent.  Temescal Canyon Trail -> Temescal Ridge Trail = Loop.
3.8 miles if you add a detour to Skull Rock, which I plan on doing.
Google Earth trail map.
Trail Information here.
Directions from the gym here.
Parking is available at the park entrance for $7.00 per day.  Street parking is free on Sunsent and Temescal Canyon Rd.  If you’re willing to walk a couple of block you should be able to find some spots around the Palisades Charter School on Temescal Canyon Rd.
Address: 15601 Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades
Phone: (310) 454-1395
Bathrooms and Drinking Fountain at trailhead.  Dogs and bikes are NOT allowed on the trail.


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