Josh Squyres

Weightlifting Instructor

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593f2c_adfa27540be9ba254c251387c10009cb.jpg_srb_p_1020_513_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb   Joshua “The Coach” Squyres has come a long way from his Southern roots in Savannah, Georgia. He has a wife, Frances, and their dog, Gertie. Formerly one of the top trainers at the Mecca of Bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California, he steadily built a massive reputation and following.

Whether playing football, competing in Olympic weightlifting, lifting in Bulgaria, coaching at UCLA, or training at the Mecca, Josh has noticed one common thread has separated the best from the rest. Character. “I’m always trying to spread the one message that has never left me all these years. Character. You see, you have to ask yourself a question. When all the chips are down….When that mountain looks too big to climb…..When you are looking down fear’s barrel….Who you are going to be at that point reveals your character. That’s my message”, says Josh. Who are you going to be? The choice is yours.

Some of Josh’s Accomplishments:
- 1999 Freshman football record at Georgia Southern University-Bench Press 225×36 repetitions
- 2 time Olympic trial qualifier in weightlifting
- 2nd place Olympic trials 94kg class
- Trained in Bulgaria at National Sports Academy Summer of 2007 under Norair Nurikian (Bulgaria’s only 2x Olympic Gold medalist)/also trained with Bulgarian men’s and women’s national teams
- Trained under Shin Ho Kang for 5 years (former head weightlifting coach of South Korea)
- UCLA Football strength and conditioning intern 2011
- Appeared in IRONMAN Magazine
- Current head strength and conditioning coach for Santa Monica High School