Weighted Pull-ups

Watch the video above for an explanation and breakdown of the many different ways to add weight to your body.  This movement is typically performed as a supplemental strengthening movement

Rope Climbs

The above video will go through a variety of techniques and scaling options.  Be sure to watch and read the safety tips below!   Safety Tips:  Beware and avoid rope

Burgener Warm up

The series is performed as 3 reps of each movement listed below, without a break between movements. Be sure to review the proper stance, grip and hand position FIRST! Focus

The Classic CrossFit Warm up

One of our first video pages ever! The Classic CrossFit Warm-Up is 2-3 Rounds of 10-15 reps of : Sampson Stretch Overhead Squats GHD Sit-Ups Hip Extension Pull Ups Dips