Rope Climbs

The above video will go through a variety of techniques and scaling options.  Be sure to watch and read the safety tips below!


Safety Tips:  Beware and avoid rope burn!  People often wear long pants, long socks or some type of shin protection to avoid skin abrasion.  Also, stay in your comfort zone!  Do not go higher than you feel comfortable.  When you lower yourself down, move hand over hand, do not slide down!


Scaling/Substitution Suggestions:

The above video goes through a good number of techniques and scaling options for the rope.  Other common substitutions are Strict Pullups or Ring Rows.  Depending upon the rep scheme for the workout, it is common to increase the number of reps for these movements by 2 or 3x the number of reps.


Mobility Suggestions:

Overhead Band Distraction

Foam Roll Lats

Keg Drill

T-spine Smash

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