Week of Monday, July 9, 2012    Single-Sport: Running Short Interval 5 x 400m, 1:00 rest between each Hold splits within 3 seconds of each other.  Splits should be 2-3sec


Week of Monday, July 2, 2012    Single-Sport: Running Short Interval (Track Night – bring stopwatch) 400m Time Trial, then perform 4 x 400m @ 75% of Time Trial pace Rest


Week of Monday, June 25, 2012    Single-Sport: Running Short Interval  8-12 x 200m, rest 1:00 between each Hold splits within 2-3 seconds Long Interval (Track Night – bring stopwatch)


Week of Monday, June 18, 2012   Single-Sport: Running Short Interval (Track Night) “Short Tosh” 3 x (100m + 200m + 400m) *Work:Rest of 1:1*. Rest exactly as long as


Week of Monday, June 11, 2012 Note: We will be meeting HERE in Culver City at 6:30pm on Monday and Wednesday to do this week’s Hill Sprints.  There is plenty


Week of Monday, June 4, 2012 Click HERE for an explanation of how to use this programming! Single Sport: Running Short IntervalTabata Run Remember Tabata is 8 rounds of 20

Coming Soon…

Our first post will be up next week!  We will be posting the track night workouts and any additional Endurance events or activities happening that week!  Feel free to post