Traver Boehm is co-owner, along with Eric Malzone, of CrossFit Pacific Coast, an MMA fighter, surfer, acupuncturist, badass CrossFitter, excellent coach, and a treasured friend and confidante.  I had the honor of training

Muscle Up!

  30 Muscle ups for time One of the criteria for exercise selection in CrossFit is commonness of motor pattern, or ‘How universal is the motor recruitment pattern?’  When we

Anaerobic vs Aerobic with Emphasis on Intensity

Please Note:  There will be no morning classes today!  There will be a Noon, 5, 6, and 7pm class only today.  Remember to bring your ipod! How dare you eat

The Metabolic Pathways

CrossFit’s first model of fitness, maximizing physiological adaptation via balance of the Ten General Physical Skills, was explored in our last rest day post.  Today we continue this theme by presenting CrossFit’s

The Ten Skills

In CrossFit’s original and continuing quest to define fitness, three models were postulated to provide working constructs toward meaningful discussion and implementation.  The Ten General Physical Skills stood as the first


Pressing large loads overhead is essential to developing strength and power, transfers beautifully to useful work outside the gym, and when learned in it’s more explosive forms of the push

The Basics

Our post on 09/14/09 had David quering my thoughts on the exciting future of CrossFit, it’s potential reach to the community, and it’s parallel impact on adherents, to which I replied

Rest Day

Rest day presents an excellent opportunity to practice a skill, work on a weakness, learn a new sport, or have fun and play. Engage such activities with intensity above recreational