Traver Boehm is co-owner, along with Eric Malzone, of CrossFit Pacific Coast, an MMA fighter, surfer, acupuncturist, badass CrossFitter, excellent coach, and a treasured friend and confidante.  I had the honor of training with him before he set up shop in Santa Barbara but his contributions still reach us through their excellent website.  Some time ago he posted a short on Lamb which I found simultaneously interesting, useful, and hilarous.

  Within 2 days of reading it I went out and bought some myself, grilled it with garlic, olive oil, and lemon pepper, devoured it, and found it delicious.  With permission, here is his post.

  Thank you Traver!


“Let’s talk about Lamb. Per Chinese Medical theory, lamb consumption increases overall energy, increases internal warmth and lactation and improves blood production. Lamb is often prescribed in the treatment of general weakness, kidney and spleen-pancreas deficiencies, anemia, impotence, low body weight, and pain in the lower back.

Commercial lamb is also typically given fewer antibiotics and drugs than other red meats. (It’s also damn tasty!) Food for thought!”

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