Looking for a Venice Crossfit Drop In? Consider Paradiso CrossFit

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Looking for a Venice CrossFit Drop In? Consider Paradiso CrossFit

If you’re visiting the Los Angeles area or are trying to figure out which gym to join, we believe that Paradiso has everything you need from a CrossFit box. Here are four reasons you should drop in on our Venice CrossFit location today.

Everyone is Welcome

If you have been practicing CrossFit for years, you know it is important to embed yourself in an environment that will push you to your limit—even if you are just passing through town. On the other hand, if you are trying to get in shape for the first time, you want to make sure you don’t thrust yourself into an intimidating gym.

At Paradiso CrossFit, we understand the feelings and concerns of all kinds of athletes. That’s why we offer classes for everyone, regardless of experience. No matter how you would describe your skill level, you can drop in on our Venice CrossFit box and work out with people in positions similar to yours.

“Everything is Everything”

All of our members are encouraged to abide by our “Everything is Everything” philosophy. Everything is Everything (EIE) is the understanding that our actions inside and outside the gym have an effect on your health and fitness.

Over time, we have learned that members (as well as drop-ins) who embody the Everything is Everything idea enjoy fuller, healthier lives.

When you drop in on our Venice CrossFit location, it will not take you long to understand just how contagious our philosophy is throughout the Paradiso community.

You Can Work with Expert Coaches

When you drop in on our Venice CrossFit box, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the best trainers around. With former pro athletes, collegiate athletes, and Olympic competitors on our roster, our coaches truly know what they are talking about.

And even if you are only in town for one class, they will still go out of your way to offer sharp advice.

Dropping In is Simple and Cost-Efficient

If you are ready to drop in on a class at our Venice CrossFit box, you can sign yourself up quickly and easily. To see what we are all about, just visit this page, browse through our wide selection—which includes swimming and track classes—and make your choice.

Moreover, dropping in only costs $25, regardless of what class you want to sample.

If you plan on attending at least a handful of classes or want to provide a special request, please call us at (310) 450-6870 or send us a message at mail@paradisocrossfit.com.

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