About Paradiso Crossfit

Paradiso CrossFit is a family owned and community-based gym with a mission to help every individual achieve their Health and Fitness goals. We started training friends and family in the park in 2007 and have grown to become the largest Crossfit facility on the westside of Los Angeles.

We were voted "Best Gym" in LA Weekly 2016, with two gyms in Venice Beach, 24 coaches and staff and over 500 members.

Before entering the group class environment, new members begin with a free one on one training session. The athlete and coach work together to create a plan on how to best achieve your goals moving forward and the coach will continue to work with the member throughout the duration of their fitness journey.

Our approach to training, health and fitness can be explained in our two guiding philosophies:

Everything is Everything (EIE) is the understanding that our actions inside and outside the gym have an affect on your Health and Fitness. We believe that true success is measured over the long term by addressing various lifestyle issues such as sleep, nutrition, stress, mobility and recovery. Health and Fitness is not some thing that you are trying to fit into your life, but rather the guiding force behind your daily actions.

Individual Freedom and Responsibility is accepting that there is no one perfect way to live your life. We can provide you with the highest quality coaching, programming, resources and support, but you have to actively take part in the process. This includes not just showing up to the gym and doing what you are told, but in paying attention to past/ongoing injuries, addressing your limitations, communicating your challenges with the coaches and experimenting with your nutrition, training and lifestyle choices. This is about putting the EIE philosophy into action!