3 Of The Best Group Exercise Classes near Playa Vista

Whether you are looking to improve your general fitness or get the best high intensity interval training, Paradiso CrossFit hosts a variety of group exercise classes near Playa Vista. Our team wants to cater to your fitness goals, so we provide our members with structured workout classes and professional coaching to suit their needs. Today, we want to showcase three of our unique group exercise classes, Flexibility & Mobility, PCF University, and CrossFit near Playa Vista. Read on to learn more about why these classes are so great.

Group Exercise Classes Near Playa Vista

1. Flexibility & Mobility

Our Flexibility & Mobility course is designed to change the way you experience yoga and other stretch group exercises. These courses are held twice a week and gather students from all fitness backgrounds to increase their flexibility and mobility safely and effectively.

Among the exercises students will learn are yoga poses, resistance band exercises, assisted stretching, and much more. We use foam rollers and tune-up balls to help our students move and stretch effectively without pain or discomfort. This exercise course is great for anyone who is looking to ease their transition back into fitness, to learn more information about flexibility and mobility solutions, or to find new group exercise classes near Playa Vista.

2. PCF University

group exercise near Playa Vista

Paradiso CrossFit’s PCF University is one of our favorite specialty classes for anyone hoping to target a specific area of their health and fitness. These classes are designed to be immersive and informative for all who sign up. Like a regular college class, we meet once a week to go over a certain aspect of your fitness, and then we give you a homework assignment for the week.

You will continue these weekly courses for a 2-3 month semester with each class you take lasting about 4-6 weeks. Our two goals for these classes include:

1) Using them to complement and prepare students for the upcoming training cycle

2) Meeting any specific needs our members have or that we see in our community

3. CrossFit

CrossFit is an excellent class for athletes of all fitness levels to jump into a new fitness routine. We offer one-hour group training sessions with 8-week training cycles and 2-week testing periods. This year-round schedule will develop your interval training and structure your workouts throughout the year.

Group CrossFit near Playa Vista

What you practice in these CrossFit classes are group dynamic exercises, which promote functional movement and develop your overall endurance. We hope that you begin to bond with your fellow CrossFitters as you work your way through group warm-ups, high intensity strength and endurance conditioning, and post-workout cool downs. If you are looking for an intense group exercise classes near Playa Vista, then CrossFit may be the right group class for you.

Attend Group Exercises Near Playa Vista Today

While we know CrossFit is a great way for you to achieve your fitness goals, we also know it’s not made for everyone. At Paradiso CrossFit near Playa Vista, we wish to build a strong community, which starts with offering our members additional options for group exercises. If you would like to drop in on one of these courses, you call us today at (310) 450-6870, or stop by one of our gyms in Culver City, Venice Beach, or our Venice Barbell Club.

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