Choose CrossFit for Group Fitness Classes in Ladera Heights

Are you looking for new group fitness classes in Ladera Heights? Consider trying Paradiso CrossFit gym near Ladera Heights and let us change the way you think about working out. CrossFit combines cardio, strength training, and plyometric exercises to produce high intensity interval training. If you want to test your fitness skills in a safe and fun environment, then read more below about why CrossFit group classes are for you.

group fitness classes in Ladera Heights

1. Workouts of the Day

Workouts of the day or WODs are a staple of CrossFit workouts and turn the boring routine of the same exercise sets over and over again each week around. Group CrossFit classes make WODs even more different from other group fitness classes, because you can share the surprise of the new workouts with your classmates.

The WOD model also eases new or inexperienced athletes into the CrossFit program more easily, because coaches will lead you through each of the workouts. WODs are a great reason to start CrossFit, and our team at Paradiso CrossFit will offer you one of the best group fitness classes in Ladera Heights.

2. Combine Cardio and Conditioning

cardio crossfit at Ladera Heights

One of the hardest decisions when choosing training options is whether to focus on cardio or strength conditioning. To round out your workout routine each week and build up endurance, you typically need to put in a day or two of cardio in order to maintain your endurance over time.

One benefit to this kind of training is that it takes the average workout schedule and flips it inside out. By including high intensity interval exercises into your workouts, you gain a greater return on your time invested. Another benefit of CrossFit conditioning is that it will prepare you for a variety of athletic competitions or sports. Endurance and strength are needed in some capacity for every sport, so training with CrossFit trains for any sport you wish to pursue.

3. Quick Results from Explosive Interval Training

Best Group Fitness Classes In Ladera Heights

Explosive interval training is a staple of CrossFit and involves rapid movements during a short period of time, which shortens the class time and accelerates your gains in the gym. As you work through exercise after exercise in rapid succession, your endurance and your ‘explosive strength’ will increase quickly.

When you train for explosive strength, your mobility and flexibility will increase alongside, since many of these exercises train through jumps and stretches. If you join a CrossFit group, you will experience why this explosive interval training makes CrossFit one of the best group fitness classes in Ladera Heights.

Try the Best Group Fitness Classes In Ladera Heights

While we know CrossFit is a great way for you to achieve your fitness goals, no matter what your level of experience. We at Paradiso CrossFit gym near Ladera Heights wish to build a strong community, which starts at supplying our members with options for group exercises. If you would like to drop in on one of these courses, you can call us at (310) 450-6870, or drop by our gyms in Culver City, Venice Beach, or our Venice Barbell Club.

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