Thursday, August 25, 2016

Screen shot 2016-08-23 at 6.28.46 PM 

Sandra working on her handstand walking everywhere she goes!


Foam Roll Quads
20 groiners
20 Scapular retractions in ring row position
Plank hold 1min


Coach chooses warm up
Warm up technique for strength work


Every minute for 18 minutes (6 rounds)
Min 1: Handstand Walk max distance in 45 seconds
Min 2: 30 second Headstand Hold
Min 3: 10 Plank to Pike (4 count slow) on the rower

Notes: If you cannot complete strict handstand pushups scale with abmats, pike on a box or bench, or do pike or regular push-ups. Do shoulder taps in plank if you cannot do them against the wall.


Four Rounds for time:
3 Hang Snatches
5 Box Jump overs
7 Front Squats

Notes: L1: Empty Barbell 45/35,  or single arm DB snatch 15/10, 12/8”
L2: 75/55, 20/12”
Rx: 135/95, 24/20”
Rx+: 185/125, 30/24”

Cool Down
Banded Lat Stretch
Mash Traps and upper back with bar and/or lacrosse ball
Stretch Hamstrings

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