Friday, July 16, 2016

The second half of our new cycle begins! We will be changing up the order for the Strength/Sprint work and adding in some new equipment like axle bars.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 8.37.09 AM


Stretch Calves
Stretch Achiles
Foam Roll Quads
Stretch Hamstrings


Coach chooses warm up
Warm up technique for strength work


Back Squat 2X3 @70%, 2X3@ 80%, 1X3@85%, 2×3@90%
Axle Bar Bench Press 5X3 Build to a 3 rep max

Notes: Rest 90 seconds between sets (or alternate with a partner). These are separate movements. Finish your back squats and then set up for your bench press. There are five Axle Bars at each gym that means classes of 15 will need to share three per axle bar. Find athletes that want to lift similar weights..


Complete 6 rounds for time:
12 Lateral burpees over the bar
9 Deadlifts
200 ft Bear Crawl Shuttle (50 feet down and backX2)

Notes: L1: 9 Ring Rows,12/8kg suitcase deadlifts or 65/45
L2: 95/65
Rx: 135/95
Rx+ 225/155

Cool Down
Walk 200m
Foam roll & stretch where you’re tight

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