Monday, May 2, 2016

Team Paradiso CrossFit Venice has qualified for the California Super Regional May 13-15.

You can purchase tickets HERE

Support the competition team by buying the Regionals shirt for $25 on Use code PCFMDR or PCFVENICE at checkout for free shipping and to let us know which gym you want to pick it up at!

We are holding a USAW sanctioned meet, the VBC Summer Classic, this weekend Saturday May 7th. You can REGISTER HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.09.43 PM

Team training at MDR last weekend. Casual 5 rounds of 3-minutes max effort assault bike and heavy back squats…


Banded ankle mobility (see video)
Pigeon Stretch
20 Groiners


Run 400m
then, 2x
:30 Mountain Climbers— slow/stretch, then speed up
:30 Push Up plank— charge core up for front squats
:30 Deck squats— 2nd round, try to stand up on one leg


A. Find today’s heavy Front Squat double

B. Take 75% of the above Front Squat Double 3X3-3-3 :20 second hold in between 3’s

Notes: Spend ten minutes to work up to today’s heavy double on the front squat. Recommended percentages are 3X75, 3X80, 2X85, then two attempts at a heavy double.


12 Burpees
24 Alternating Pistols
400 Meter Run

Notes: Use a band, rack, or plate to scale pistols. If your scale breaks down move to double the air squats.

Cool Down
Roll out Calves
Stretch Hamstrings
Foam Roll IT bands
Plank- Accumulate 2min

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